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05.01.2015 by: Sarah Edwards
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If warm weather makes you crave food that is fresh and light, stop by TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill for a laid back and delicious meal. TJ’s recently announced that both locations will add new lighter choices to their menu that include updated salads, smaller portions available at lunch, and low carb options like lettuce wraps. Their menu also notes what dishes are heart healthy, gluten free, and contain wild-caught fish, so that you can make an informed order.

We recommend starting your meal with a glass of wine or a Ballast Point beer. Our waiter, who was very helpful, told us that Ballast Point, a San Diego, CA, brewery, was specially chosen to fit with the nautical feel of TJ’s. If you plan to order something spicy, I recommend ordering a rose that will balance the heat from your meal. And, as the menu will tell you, you can drink red wine with fish!

One of the salad options is the Lollo Rossa Garden salad with local organic greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced almonds, cucumber, and radish. Try the wasabi vinaigrette which is light and creamy with the perfect amount of wasabi zing!

The Lollo Rossa Garden salad with local organic greens and wasabi vinaigrette is a new addition to the menu.

We followed up the salad with Swordfish Tacos and Coriander Lemon Salmon with Tricolor Quinoa Primavera and Tomato Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, one of the new menu items . The Coriander Lemon Salmon was a beautiful, delicious meal with a generous portion of either wild or Fundy salmon. The Tricolor Quinoa Primavera is a flavorful and healthy side. Perfectly seasoned, and filled with kale and summer vegetables, it was a fresh and filling addition to the meal.

Swordfish Tacos with your choice of one side (shown with Tricolor Quinoa Primavera).

Colorful and delicious Coriander Lemon Salmon with Tricolor Quinoa Primavera and Tomato Cucumber Yogurt Sauce.

TJ’s is known for their fish tacos, and the Swordfish Tacos, one of the day’s specials, lived up to the billing. With grilled swordfish, cotija cheese, tomato, and fresh cilantro, these deceptively-simple tacos packed big flavor! You can choose either flour or corn tortillas to make it a gluten free meal!

With two locations (Oak Lawn and Preston/Royal), check out TJ's for a delicious meal or to pick up fresh seafood for a meal at home.

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