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New Stock & Barrel Opens

06.12.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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Stock & Barrel is the newest addition to the beloved Bishop Arts District. And the setting, food and drinks do not disappoint. Chef Jon Stevens has already proven himself in Dallas, as the former chef of Nosh and of Mesero Miguel, and diners anxiously awaited the opening of his own restaurant. You can enjoy dinner and drinks right now, and brunch begins on June 13.

The restaurant is housed in an old glass factory, and despite being gutted and almost entirely redone, the modern industrial interior is reminiscent of its old factory days. Rustic wood features contrast with stainless steel accents and scraped concrete walls, and the only pop of color lies behind the kitchen in the form of bright orange tiles. Chef Stevens was instrumental in the design and created a chef’s table by the kitchen to encourage diners to interact with staff and learn about the food.

Despite the industrial interior, the place is cozy and welcoming, a neighborhood spot that will surely become very popular in the days to come. The food is approachable as well. A wood-fire burning oven is key to many of his dishes, and vegetarians rejoice over many non-meat options.

Fava Bean Toasts with Mascarpone and Speck

Shaved Brussels Salad

On our recent visit, we sampled the Fava Toast and the Shaved Brussels Salad. The toast is served with a fava bean and mascarpone spread topped with a slice of speck and light drizzle of balsamic. The creamy spread and the smoky ham paired nicely with the crunch of the grilled toast. The Shaved Brussels Salad was excellent. Thin Brussels sprout leaves were coated in a lightly creamy pine nut dressing and tossed with currants, bacon and goat cheese. The flavor and texture were spot on, and we would definitely recommend this salad.

There are many vegetable side options, including white cheddar cauliflower and brussels sprouts. The menu even has its own section for Fries. You have the option of Classic Russets, Crushed Yukons, or Chickpea Panisse. The Crushed Yukons were crispy and sprinkled with parmesan, while the Classic Russets were just what they sound like, a simple French fry. They were good, but they weren’t the best fries we have ever had. 

Brisket Burger

Wagyu Meatloaf

For the main course, we opted for dishes from the Wood Grill section, including the Brisket Burger and the Wagyu Meatloaf. The meat on the burger was unique and delicious, a combination of 60% brisket and 40% chuck. Thick cut bacon and cheddar cheese lay on the juicy patty between a toasted bun. The only disappointment of the burger for us was the spread on the bun. It was too tangy and overpowered the wonderful flavor of the meat.

The waiter mentioned that customers had described the Wagyu Meatloaf as life changing, and while we wouldn’t go quite that far, it was really tasty. Two medium-sized meatloaf patties were arranged over a smoked bacon and melted onion hash with a slightly spicy cream sauce. The meatloaf was juicy and tender and quite filling.

S'more Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream and the Toffee Croissant Bread Pudding

Dessert here is hard to pass up. With options like Toffee Croissant Bread Pudding and Warm Chocolate Smore Cake, how could you go wrong? The bread pudding was divine. Sweet and salty toffee, doughy croissant in a thick sauce, and butter caramel ice cream all married perfectly together. We licked our spoons clean. The Warm Chocolate Smore Cake was over-the-top rich, with an orange blossom puff replicating the marshmallow and house made graham.

Stock & Barrel is definitely a new spot that is trendy yet serves approachable food. They have a large pet-friendly patio in the back, and room for groups inside. Call for reservations, as we are sure this restaurant will become a hot spot in the near future.

Stock & Barrel {Official Website}

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