Norma's Cafe Has a New Location!

07.26.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Few restaurants boast the history that makes Norma’s Café such a popular staple in DFW. The homey, diner-style spot started out in Oak Cliff, but grew to be one of the most beloved breakfast destinations in the city. Now, Norma’s has a new location off of Park Lane, which makes it that much easier to get your homestyle food fix if you live south of LBJ.

The menu at Norma’s Café is full of classic dishes that pay homage to its simple roots. From bulging burgers to Southern-style fried chicken, this restaurant is known for serving up delicious comfort food. However, if you have to pick one meal to enjoy at Norma’s, make it breakfast or brunch; that’s where the menu really shines.

For people who enjoy a savory breakfast, visiting Norma’s is like hitting the jackpot. The menu offers everything from overstuffed omelettes to classic breakfast platters, and the biggest challenge is picking which dish to enjoy. The Norma’s Café Favorite is always a great bet, because it gives you a little bit of everything. Enjoy a heaping helping of eggs any style, served alongside your choice of protein, hash browns or grits, and a homemade biscuit. The portion size is perfect, and there’s no better way to start your day.

Order the Norma's Cafe Favorite for a classic, perfectly-portioned breakfast platter.

If you’re into sweet breakfast fare, definitely go for the French Toast. It may be a classic, but few things compare to Norma’s fluffy version of the dish. To balance out the sweetness, add a side of bacon or sausage and enjoy an even better breakfast. Or, help yourself to a stack of fluffy homemade pancakes if French Toast isn’t your usual go-to.

The sweet French Toast at Norma's is fluffy on the inside, but crispy on the outside. 

Even if you’re visiting early in the day, you have to save room for one of Norma’s best-known offerings: pie. In true old-school fashion, Norma’s Café whips up a variety of homemade pies every day, and you just can’t visit without ordering a slice. We recommend trying a slice of the Chocolate Pie, which comes topped with a mountain of fluffy meringue. However, Norma’s pie selection rotates periodically, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try a new flavor.

You simply can't skip out on ordering a slice of pie at Norma's; it's the heart of the Cafe's history. 

Norma’s new location is tucked away right across from the Shops at Park Lane. No reservation is needed, but be sure to note that there’s typically a wait during peak hours. So if you’re planning Sunday brunch with a big group, head there early to get your names on the list. Otherwise, visit anytime and enjoy some homestyle cooking with history.  

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