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07.06.2015 by: Jo Firth
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When it comes to fun, laid-back places for weekend drinking and dining, Off-Site Kitchen has it all. Located in bustling Trinity Groves, this hot spot has it all: a spacious patio, a tempting menu, and plenty of fun activities to please any crowd. For that reason, it’s the perfect place for whiling away those lazy summer afternoons while enjoying a drink or two.

At Off-Site, everything is relaxed: the menu is simple, yet full of delicious options, and order-at-the-counter service makes the whole experience casual and enjoyable. The décor is eclectic and quirky, and spacious seating both inside and out ensures that you can always find a great spot for killing time with a drink in your hand. When it comes to picking your poison, we definitely suggest you kick convention and try one of their inventive frozen cocktails. They come in a variety of flavors, but the Frozen Bourbon Cherry Coke and Frozen Moscow Mule are both likely to please, especially when enjoyed on a sweltering summer day. However, you’ll also never go wrong with grabbing a beer from their fully-stocked drink case, so don’t be afraid to try a new brew if you aren’t in the mood for liquor.

The assortment of frozen cocktails at Off-Site Kitchen are ideal for casual summer drinking. 

The food at Off-Site is just as laid-back as the atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. Their menu is full of comfort-food inspired classics that have been updated through the addition of fresh, high-quality, local ingredients. For something basic that’s sure to satisfy, try a burger – theirs are made on-site with freshly ground Angus beef and can be ordered a variety of ways. For a classic cheeseburger, order yours Stock Cheese style, or go big and order the Double Delux. Other varieties include Murph-Style, which features roasted jalapeno and bacon relish, and the Green Chile & Bacon, which promises a spicy kick. All burgers are served on delicious buns made fresh at Dallas’ own Village Baking Co., so they’re a cut above what you’ll find at just any average burger joint.

Cheeseburgers at Off-Site are hand-ground, beautifully cooked, and served atop delicious VBC buns. 

Another tasty menu option is the 48-Hr Cracked Pepper Brisket Sandwich. As the name implies, Off-Site’s brisket is slow-cooked to juicy perfection before being cubed and served up with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, swiss, and cherry pepper mayo on a buttery VBC roll. It’s a filling sandwich, but you’ll have a hard time putting it down, so don’t be surprised if you finish the whole thing. Or try The Litigator, another popular option, and combine all the joys of fried chicken with the convenience of a sandwich.

The 48-Hr. Cracked Pepper Brisket Sandwich is perfectly seasoned and slow-cooked to juicy perfection.

Whether you’re eating a full meal or just looking for a snack at OSK, be sure to snag an order of Sloppy Cheese Fries. They go perfectly with just about any dish on the menu, but they also serve as the perfect snack complement to a collection of afternoon drinks, which makes them a must-have. Just be sure to use a napkin before you shoot some hoops or pool on their outdoor patio; they aren’t kidding when they call them “sloppy.”

Off-Site Kitchen's Sloppy Cheese Fries may be messy, but they're deliciously addicting. 

Off-Site Kitchen is a popular place, and for good reason. It’s typically busiest on weekends – especially when the weather’s nice – but with an inviting patio and plenty of activities to keep you occupied, it’s well-worth fighting crowds for. So grab a group of friends, get a few drinks, and spend an afternoon just relaxing; it’s what summer’s all about.

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