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Oishii is Back!

01.30.2014 by: Brooke Hughes
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Being the sushi lover that I am, I was so excited to hear Oishii recently reopened! Dallas offers a handful of top-notch sushi restaurants and Oishii is definitely one of them. The restaurant closed after a fire broke out in December 2012; the cause is unknown. After extensive renovations, the sushi favorite reopened in October 2013. I have been to Oishii on multiple occasions since it’s reopening and have been more than satisfied each time. There is always a short wait, but the bar area has TV’s, friendly service and a great view of the sushi bar. Oishii is very welcoming and laid back. I personally love sitting near the fish aquarium or at the sushi bar.

Started off with some light appetizers: summer rolls and edamame!

Their sushi rolls are fresh with unique combinations, such as one of their specials and most popular, the TriBeCa roll: salmon, avocado and truffle reasonably priced at $14. This is another wonderful reason I love Oishii- the fair prices. Compared to other sushi restaurants in Dallas, their specialty rolls offer the same delicious combinations for less.

The 42 roll is another Oishii signature roll that is a must try and my personal favorite: spicy shrimp and avocado topped with crab and jalapeno priced at $13.

Try the Donut roll: spicy shrimp, tuna sashimi, and eel sauce.

If you like a little crunch, the Oishii roll is for you! Filled with soft shell crab and avocado; wrapped with chopped snowcrab, wasabi cream and sriracha on top.

TriBeCa roll, Donut roll, and Oishii roll - three of the sushi joint’s most loved.

In addition to the impressive sushi menu, Oishii offers a wonderful assortment of hot dishes and a separate lunch menu as well. The hot seafood bowl served with rice is very tasty and a yummy dish to try instead of sushi rolls or to share!

A couple tips: They only take reservations for 6 or more (sometimes they will take reservations for 5 on a Monday or Tuesday). Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are their busiest nights. Wednesdays they have a 50% off wine and hot sake special. I know when I will be returning! Oishii is also great for lunch, just note there may be a slight wait. Enjoy!

Oishii {Official Website}

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