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Pints & Quarts: The Perfect Pit Stop

07.21.2015 by: Jo Firth
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Although we’re all fond of our modern conveniences, there’s certainly something to be said for the ways of the past, and Pints & Quarts – Dallas’ hip new burger joint – offers the perfect way to experience the casual dining style of yesteryear.

Pints & Quarts' unique vintage styling makes it look like a transplant straight out of the 1950s. 

Everything at Pints & Quarts is perfectly and pleasantly quirky. From retro seating and décor, to hand-designed logos and branding created by local artists, each aspect of P & Q’s styling comes together to create a perfect place for grabbing casual burgers and brews. Their patio is spacious and shady, and their interior offers open-air bar seating alongside indoor tables that somehow manage to fill the corner-lot location without making it crowded. Burgers are prepared fresh and cooked to order on an old-school open-style grill while the music of the greats – think Elvis, Otis, Etta, and more – plays merrily in the background. Even better, their pricing will take even the stingiest old-timer back to his glory days; almost all menu items fall well below $10, leaving you with cash to spare for a drink or two.

The Summer Coolant is the perfect blend of light, refreshing, fruity flavor. 

Pints & Quarts’ drink menu features a variety of tempting options, including several creative cocktails with clever pit stop puns for names. Our top pick is the Summer Coolant, a delicious blend of vodka, watermelon puree, lemon juice, coconut water, and basil that may just be the most refreshing cocktail in the city. A close second is the Cucumber Clutch, which features a lightly sweet mixing of orange and cucumber-infused gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda that will tickle your taste buds. Or play it casual and opt for a beer; their selection is stacked.

The Cucumber Clutch is an easy-drinking cocktail that will quickly quench your thirst.

Because all of P & Q’s signature burgers are made fresh to order, it’s hard to go wrong with any option on the menu. We recommend ordering a standard cheeseburger – dubbed Brooke’s Burger – for something classic, or trying out the Funky Town, which comes with grilled onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce for added flair.

Pints & Quarts' burgers are prepared fresh the old-fashioned way and served up with all the classic fixings. 

They also serve delicious hot dogs, so definitely check out The Emerald City – which comes topped with grilled onions, poblano cream cheese, chives, and spicy brown mustard – for a delectable dog done right. Pair your selection with an order of Dipsticks (fries) or Fried Pickles, and you’re good to go.

The Emerald City may be the best hot dog you've never had. 

Dipsticks, which come topped with chives and served with the house-sauce of your choosing, are the perfect complement to any burger or dog. 

As with any good restaurant, Pints & Quarts is gaining steam and popularity fast. For the best parking and seating options, plan a visit for off-peak hours, or carpool and bring your friends along. It’s a quick, casual spot that’s great for social drinking and dining, so don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to stick around for a while.
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