Pizza is Pleasure at Eno's Pizza Tavern

07.12.2016 by: Hannah Whitman
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Nestled among the historic buildings of the Bishop Arts DistrictEno’s is a charming pizza tavern with the energy of a New York staple and the ease of a Southern classic, making it uniquely Dallas.

I was excited to get to write about Eno’s as it’s long been a spot I’ve visited that has never failed me but has always filled me. From the beer selection to the pizza, atmosphere and everything in between, this hotspot is a must when you’re in Bishop Arts.

I mentioned that they have a fantastic beer selection (and they do), but for this visit I thought I’d switch it up and try one of their cocktails. Although one might not think to pair a Gin Mule with pizza, it’s actually a great choice to wash down a few slices, pleasing with a smooth mixture of gin, ginger beer and mint.

100 degrees outside? Pretty sure that calls for a Gin Mule.

To get things going, I asked for the Lemon Belly salad, but they were already sold out. Note to self for next time: get in early to give it a try! Instead, I opted for the Italian Chopped Salad (arugula and kale topped with artichoke, salami, marinated tomatoes, shallots, olives and oregano vinaigrette.)

The oregano vinaigrette elevates an already tasty Italian Chopped Salad.

The salad was a great starting point, but let’s talk about the bruschetta: fresh diced tomatoes on top of homemade bread with reggianito and basil. I’ve had the truffle cheese bread before, and it’s heavenly, but if you’re looking for something lighter and saving the cheese for the pizza, don't pass on the bruschetta.

The epitome of fresh and satisfying, Eno's bruschetta deserves great praise.

It’s finally pizza time, and instead of the usual Moma’s Pie, I went for the Pig Smiley and added basil and feta cheese. This uber thin-crusted pie is evenly covered in Benton’s ham, Eno’s spicy sausage, Calabrese pepperoni and finished off with a drizzle of local honey. If you’re thinking this might be too much meat, surprisingly it is not. There’s nothing overwhelming with this one—just pure delight.

It's called "Pig Smiley" for a reason--one bite, and you'll be beaming.

Always have room for something sweet? There are a few solid dessert options, including a classic hot chocolate brownie. Having tried several options from each section of the menu, it's clear you can't go wrong here. Stop in with the family or friends, or enjoy a casual date night. You won't be disappointed, and you will definitely be full. 

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