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Play With Your Food at Niwa Japanese BBQ

02.10.2017 by: Jo Firth
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Deep Ellum just gained a wonderful new restaurant where dinner is more than just a meal—it’s an experience. Niwa Japanese BBQ brings the art of Yakiniku—Japanese BBQ—to Dallas, and allows diners to truly experience the art of cooking as part of their meal.

Niwa is unique; it features a beautiful modern ambiance centered around signature roaster tables where diners can both prepare and enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine. The menu features a combination of both chef-prepared cuisine and dishes that diners cook themselves, which creates a perfectly eclectic experience that everybody can enjoy.

However, before you even think about eating, be sure to make a selection from Niwa’s cocktail menu, which offers a collection of delectable drinks designed to complement the flavors found within Japanese cuisine. The Spicy Brass Monkey, for example, is a delicious cocktail that blends spiced passion fruit with delightfully tangy citrus, cider, and sake to create a refreshing concoction with just a hint of earthy spice.

The Spicy Brass Monkey is a refreshing cocktail that features a fruity pop of flavor. 

It’s also important to order at least one item from Niwa’s chef-prepared menu. Signature shareable dishes like the Hamachi Crudo are perfect ways to kick off a meal, and the chefs at Niwa do a wonderful job of blending traditional Japanese influence with modern culinary flair.

The Hamachi Crudo is a delicious shareable dish with a balanced blend of sweet, tart, and herbal flavors. 

Still, even though every chef-prepared dish at Niwa is delicious, it’s imperative that diners also order from the grill menu. Niwa is unique because it gives diners the opportunity to prepare their food at tabletop grills, which means that every meal is truly an experience made to-order. The grill menu features a wide variety of veggies, seafood, and steak that includes something to suit every appetite, and servers even provide recommended cook times to help diners prepare their food perfectly.

Selections from the grill menu are served raw so that diners can prepare them on tabletop grills. 

If it’s your first time trying Yakiniku, start with steak. The Rib Eye is chef-seasoned with a delicious blend of Japanese spices and served raw and ready-to-cook, and when combined with veggies, it’s a great way to try out the grill before moving on to other proteins.

Niwa's grill menu features both vegetable and protein options so that guests can tailor their meal to fit their specific tastes. 

For true steak enthusiasts, Niwa’s menu features a rotating selection of specialty beef, like cuts of Wagyu that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest palates. But if bold flavor is your focus, try the Filet Mignon, which comes served in a raw four-ounce portion accented with the deep flavor of cherry wood smoke. Thanks to Niwa’s roaster tables, you can personally guarantee that it will be cooked to exactly your preferences, and it’s an ideal selection for sharing.

Niwa's cherry-smoked Filet Mignon boasts a distinct smoky flavor, and is an ideal choice for steak enthusiasts. 

Niwa is open for both lunch and dinner, and it’s the perfect place for everything from a quick casual meal to a special date night. As always, reservations are a great way to ensure adequate seating, and a quick glance at their menu online beforehand can always help you prepare for picking what to grill once you get to your table. No matter whether you settle on seafood, steak, or something in between, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience at Niwa.

{Niwa Official Site} 

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