Prime Mexican & Margaritas at Mr. Mesero

06.06.2016 by: Taylor Fisher
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Mr Mesero on McKinney is a top spot for a drink (more specifically, a margarita), dinner and dining with friends.  It is that small little place on McKinney near Knox that you probably see always bustling with people.  Yes, it is usually crowded, but that is because there is something about it that draws you in the minute you step through the door, making whatever wait lies before you a non-issue.  I was drawn in on my first visit here, and as soon as I was seated on their patio, I knew this would be a new top spot for me to enjoy a drink and dinner with friends.  

If you can, grab a table on their patio.  Even if you have to wait a bit, it will be worth it.  This evening my friends and I were greeted by a friendly, smiling waiter as we snagged our prime patio spot.  Along with a friendly "hello," we were also provided an array of 3 salsas, pickled vegetables and chips.  I will say, one of the reasons I love this place is their salsas - each unique and each equally delicious.  As we placed our drink orders, I ordered by favorite drink, the Meserita, which is simple, fresh (leaving out the excessive sugary syrups) and great to sip.  A friend got the Mr Mimosa, which was also light and refreshing.  You will not get an afternoon discount here because they don't have actual happy hour specials. However, these drinks along with the atmosphere and the food you will receive are worth it.

Definitely try the Meserita.  Cold, crisp and not too sweet, it is also served "martini-syle", which makes it perfect for sipping on a warm day in Dallas.

The menu offers a nice variety, from typical menu items with a twist (think nachos with black beans, cheese, brisket, avocado slices, red jalapeno, and crema or, queso with spinach, cheese, artichokes, and roasted poblanos), to a variety of unique salads, to enchiladas and tacos, to a double meat double cheeseburger with fries, to a section devoted solely to steak.  I love that they have options for certain sides too.  For example, you get to be choosy about your rice (green, red, white, and more) or your beans (refried, black, refried pinto, pinto beans from the stovetop... take your pick!).  The menu is not only fresh and unique, but it is also accommodating to different tastes and preferences.

I love the shrimp ceviche, so I ordered it for the whole table.  With big pieces of shrimp, hearty chunks of avocado and tomato, and hints of cilantro and lime throughout, it is a dish I wanted everyone to try in hopes they would love it as much as I do, and they did.

Make sure to try the Shrimp Ceviche. It is full of shrimp, hearty pieces of tomato and avocado, and hints of lime and cilantro mixed throughout.

Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with anything on their menu.  One of my favorites, however, is the Tres under the Los Combinaciones, which includes two tomatillo chicken enchiladas with red rice and black beans (although you can of course substitute a different rice or different beans).  YUM.  Full of flavor and incredibly fresh, I started to remember why this is one of the only places I order enchiladas.  The tomatillo sauce does not overwhelm the dish, but instead acts as a complement.  It is light, fresh and full of flavor.  Even the crema drizzled on top is just the right touch to add depth and a subtle richness to the dish.  The chicken in the corn tortillas is tender and juicy (I imagine the meat in all of the dishes are this way).  Together, these ingredients intermingle to create a deliciously satisfying meal that leaves you brainstorming your return visit.

The Tres is just one of the many combinations you can order to get a little bit of everything they offer on their menu.

What a wonderful way to unwind, catch up with friends and kick start the weekend.  Grab a friend, a margarita and a table on the patio.  You definitely don't want to miss out on Mr Mesero.

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