Purveyor Home is Dallas' New Hidden Gem

04.06.2017 by: Carly Danner
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Tucked away in a corner of the Design District sits the latest home goods shop to put on your radar. Since its opening back in February, Purveyor Home has been wowing people with their eclectic array of bohemian home goods through their Instagram.

Stepping inside this adorable shop is like stepping inside HGTV decor heaven.

Purveyor Home is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to home décor and design. Besides selling home goods, they also serve as a full functioning design firm. Many of the pieces they currently sell are vintage goods they found and refurbished to match the stylish aesthetic of the store. From simple furniture pieces to accent chairs, each refurbished item is a total standout and unlike anything you'll find at your usual furniture shop.

From contemporary chic to bohemian and modern, there's plenty of variety covering every inch of the store.

Though the shop itself is small, it is packed from wall to wall with pieces for everyone. The walls are covered with a variety of work by local artists. Much of it has a geometric or abstract element to it, making a great statement piece for any home.

Besides art, the walls of Purveyor Home also include African juju hats. While they may look like paper flowers or bundles of feathers from afar, these are ceremonial feather headdresses worn during tribal dances in Africa.

As you walk through the shop, you can't help but get a sense of love for travel and other cultures. While many of the pieces range between vintage and contemporary, the bohemian vibes are hard to miss. Throw pillows made from African mudcloths and stunning vases painted from hand offer an authenticity that is hard to find.

A sense of community from working with local designers and artists resonates through every piece at Purveyor Home.

Like the art on the walls, the stunning rugs covering the floors of the shop are on consignment from local creators. Each rug offers up authentic wordly patterns and dyes, making each rug different than the next. At Purveyor Home, their connection to the community reaches far past their products. They also host events that allow clients to give a percentage of their purchase to one of the four charities Purveyor Home works with.

From large statement pieces to small coffee table centerpieces, there’s something to spice up every corner of your home.

No matter what piece you go for, the uniqueness and authenticity will shine in your home. When it comes to buying local and supporting small businesses, this is the place to go. Every item at Purveyor Home has its own story, making it that much more special.

{Official Purveyor Home Instagram}

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