Raise the Roof at HG Sply Co.

06.17.2014 by: Elizabeth Boyle
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HG Sply Co. has to be one of my personal favorites. You know those times where you just want to go out with friends and enjoy the gorgeous Dallas skyline, a few drinks, and a delicious meal without feeling stuffed or ruining your diet? I get that feeling all too often and this restaurant gives me my perfect fix. 

While their menu is healthier than most, it isn't just for the health crazed. They have found a unique and delicious way to combine clean, hearty and natural flavors so that everyone can find something they love. They center their menu around the Paleo diet. If you haven't already heard of Paleo, it’s basically just a very natural way of eating foods consisting of unprocessed ingredients. It is considered a "back to the basics" approach to nutriment-but let me just tell you, HG Sply Co.'s menu selection is in no way basic. 

Rooftop Bar 

Rooftop Seating

HG Sply Co. offers rooftop-seating Wednesday through Saturday and the view is amazing! On their spacious rooftop deck is a modern full service bar where you can grab a few drinks before dinner. Or if you'd rather, spend your entire evening up here and watch the sunset. 

Ginger Garlic Hummus {Cucumber, Red Bell Pepper, Apple, Jicama, Caluiflower and Bacon Chips}

There is so much variety and flavor packed into the Ginger Garlic Hummus platter that makes it the perfect appetizer for those who can't decide exactly what they are craving. If you're looking for something a little more filling or to take place of your meal, HG Sply offers a delicious and nutritious take on nachos that will make you question how something can be so delicious and so good for you. The Steamed Mussels and the Bloody Maria Mexican Shrimp Cocktail are also must try’s. 

Greens & Grains Salad

The Hunted Bowl {Duck Confit, Sweet Potato Hash, Spicy Broccoli & Bacon}

Something especially unique on the menu is their selection of bowls. I ordered The Hunted Bowl, a local favorite. If you've never tried duck, I'd say it's similar to dark meat chicken but even more flavorful and less greasy. With spicy broccoli and sweet potato hash it was the perfect combo to satisfy my hunger without any guilt. The Greens & Grains Salad with organic baby power greens, barley, wild rice, quinoa, orange, dried cranberries, avocado, crispy quinoa & toasted almonds in citrus vinaigrette is a powerfully flavorful salad. 

Sunset Toast (Negroni)

If you're there in the evening, this restaurant has a very cool tradition of welcoming their patrons to join them in a Sunset Toast. We were lucky enough to be there just in time to participate. Everyone is presented with a free cocktail, brew, shot or mixed drink and invited to toast to the sunset.
It's hard to come across restaurants that leave you feeling healthier than you did when you arrived, but this is one of those places. Trust me, once you visit HG Sply Co. you will want to keep coming back to try everything on the menu.

HG Sply Co {Official Website}

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