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Raising our Glasses to The Rustic's Jam & Toast

08.02.2015 by: Becca Kouser
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The Rustic has been an Uptown destination for day drinks, live music and fun since they opened almost two years ago, and they've recently added a unique brunch experience to their repertoire. Offering a family style menu and live music on Saturday and Sunday mornings, after just one visit it's easy to see how one could get hooked on their Jam & Toast Brunch.

Carafe of Mariposa Mimosas with Fresh Homemade Preserves

The "Let's Toast" selection is far from slim, offering drinks for one or many. If you're visiting with a group the "For Many" carafes and pitchers are your ideal choice. Choose from Mariposa Mimosas, House-made Bloody Marys, Ruby Redhounds, Corpus Chrisp Tea and Rustic Screws. There's an option for everyone!

Sometimes we find the typical brunch menu challenging when trying to select one dish. Savory? Sweet? We wish we could just have it all; at The Rustic, we did. Because the meal is served family style you can get a taste of everything on their brunch menu.

Cheese and Fruit Board Paired with Avocado Toast

We worked our way from lighter to heavier options (there are seven courses) starting with the Cheese and Fruit Board. The board consisted of a variety of cheeses from a creamy goat to an espresso-dusted variety, accompanied by local honeycomb and fresh strawberries and blackberries. Another light option is the ever so popular Avocado Toast; crisp rustic bread topped with creamy avocado and cheese. The pairing was divine.

Country Baked Eggs

Next up were the Country Baked Eggs, a delicious mixture of eggs, sharp white cheddar, chives, and an organic baby spinach salad. Similar to a quiche, these eggs were light, creamy and extra fluffy.

Butchershop Skillet and Baby French Toast

As the brunch progressed, the selections became heavier. The Baby French Toast consisted of hand cut slices of challah bread soaked in vanilla custard and topped with sweet house-made rosemary syrup and the Butchershop Skillet, featuring bacon and sausage from Rudolph's Market, made the perfect accompaniment.

Hot Chicken and Smoked Cheddar Grits

The table favorite was the Hot Chicken and Smoked Cheddar Grits. The Nashville-style fried chicken was crispy and spicy and served in a piping hot cast iron skillet. Nestled between the chicken breasts were fried pickles which added a salty, sour flavor that helped cool down the spiciness. The smoked cheddar grits were topped with creamy polenta cakes, roasted poblanos, and smokey cheddar on sausage gravy.

Mini Donuts from Glazed Donut Works

Of course, like most meals, it's best to end on a sweet note. Served in a cute tin mug, the sweetest mini donuts from Glazed Donut Works were the perfect ending bite of our feast. 

If you're looking for a large selection of bites and sips, live music, and a fun atmosphere for your next brunch, head over to The Rustic. Take note that food and drinks are served from 10am to 2pm but the "jam" doesn't start until noon. Current pricing for the brunch is $16.99 per person.

{The Rustic's Official Website}

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