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Ramen Gets Real at Wabi House

07.13.2015 by: Jo Firth
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Ramen has experienced a recent surge in popularity among Dallas foodies, and for good reason; when prepared properly, it can be flavorful, filling, and deliciously different. And when it comes to serving quality ramen inspired by authenticity, Wabi House certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Thanks to its prime location on Lower Greenville, Wabi House is bringing ramen to one of Dallas’ most popular dining districts. However, where other ramen houses may fall short, Wabi delivers by offering slow-simmered, top-notch ramen that will leave you craving more. Everything – from the dishes on the menu to the chic, casual ambiance – is aimed at providing the perfect setting for relaxed ramen enjoyment, making this the ideal place for getting your noodle fix with friends.

The interior at Wabi House is stylish, modern, and relaxed. 

The menu at Wabi House is inspired by authenticity, but the chefs also do a wonderful job of blending creativity with tradition by offering a selection of inventive small plates designed to please the palate. One such menu item is the Sweet Corn Fritters, which feature seasoned sweet corn lightly fried in a delicate tempura batter and topped with a house-recipe bonito aioli. They’re flavorful and zesty, yet light enough to enjoy before your main course without getting too full. For a more adventurous appetizer, try the Crispy Pork Ears, which are battered in the same tempura style, but enhanced with an aioli to add a little kick.

The Sweet Corn Fritters are both savory and sweet, and provide the perfect precursor to a steaming bowl of ramen. 

When it comes to drinks, Wabi House offers a similar selection of cleverly updated cocktails with a twist. The Geisha, one of their more popular choices, is a perfect example; it blends vodka, rum, and Grand Marnier with fresh strawberry, watermelon, lemonade, and agave to yield an elixir that somehow manages to be complex, sweet, and refreshing all at once. The Drunken Tea is similar, albeit slightly less sweet, thanks to an imaginative mixing of vodka, green tea, lemon, and sugar cane.

The Geisha is a sweet and refreshing cocktail accented by the flavor of fresh watermelon. 

At Wabi House, ramen takes center stage as the main course of choice. It’s featured on the menu in a variety of styles and flavor combinations, but all are focused around one of the most integral components: the broth. The chefs at Wabi prepare their broths from scratch, using traditional slow-simmer methods that yield delicious results. If you’re new to ramen, we recommend ordering the Tonkotsu, a more traditional option featuring mushroom, egg, corn, and tender, fatty pork chashu. For those craving heat, the Spicy Miso provides a similar composition intensified with the addition of spicy chili strips. However, it’s unlikely you’ll find a way to go wrong, as their ramen is a cut above the competition in any of its many forms.

Tonkotsu is served piping hot and topped with all the appropriate acoutrements. 

Although there’s plenty to love about Wabi House, be warned that it does tend to get busy on weekends. Luckily, their bar and adjacent patio provide plenty of space for enjoying a drink or two while you wait, but we suggest planning your visit for a weeknight if you’re in a rush. Also, plan to finish your meal at the restaurant, as they currently don’t allow for take-out with ramen. But because theirs is so tasty, finishing the whole bowl probably won’t be a problem.

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