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Ramen Hakata Raises the Bar in Addison

12.27.2016 by: Hannah Whitman
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A prized destination of the Dallas ramen scene, Ramen Hakata is Addison’s delicious contribution to this beloved Japanese dish. Tucked away in a little shopping center on Belt Line Road, this cozy and contemporary spot serves up some of the best noodles in town.

Your soon-to-be go-to for some of the best ramen in the DFW.

Not be overlooked, their appetizers are just as phenomenal as the main course. From edamame to fried squid legs and everywhere in between, the starters here are a divine way to work your way up to that piping hot bowl of noodles and broth. We’ll admit it, though, we do have a favorite: The Chashu Buns. These come with tender grilled pork belly, mayo, lettuce and spicy sauce. The only downside? There’s just 2 per order.

Going with a group? Be sure to get a few orders of these—they’ll be snatched up fast.

Ramen Hakata crafts their bowls with fresh noodles flown in daily from a California noodle factory, ensuring an authentic and traditional experience. These mouthwatering favorites are typically served in a pork based broth which is a 12-hour-long process that ensures the solid, rich flavor Ramen Hakata is known for. Additionally, their soft-boiled eggs are peeled and soaked in tare sauce until ready. Not a fan of ramen? They have a unique selection of rice bowls to choose from, and of course, plenty of vegetarian options.

Have a seat at their kitchen-facing bar for a first row view, and experience the art of tonkotsu-style ramen.

If you’re one who enjoys to imbibe while slurping down the noodles, try a Japanese beer (draft or bottle), or give some sake a go off their varied menu. Happy Hour is 3-6 pm, Monday-Friday and gets you a $1-2 discount on beer and sake.  

Hakata Ramen: Pork based broth, chashu, soft-boiled egg, green onion, mushrooms, bean sprouts and garlic oil. Get the spicy version for an extra kick!

Keep in mind that if you're dining late, final orders must be in 15 minutes before closing. We know you won't want to miss out!

{Ramen Hakata Official Site}

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