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Rapscallion is Ridiculously Good

07.24.2015 by: Jo Firth
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Foodies, line up: Rapscallion is here! And when it comes to delicious food, enchanting cocktails, and ideal ambiance, Dallas’ new neighborhood bistro with the funny name knows exactly how to satisfy.

For months, eager diners have been keeping their eye on Rapscallion, the newest brainchild of the brilliant brothers behind Boulevardier and Veritas. It’s finally open, and with just as much of a bang as expected. From a tastefully crafted menu stacked with inventive dishes inspired by Southern cooking, to a sweeping wine list straight out of any sommelier’s dreams, Rapscallion has everything needed to perfectly blend refinement with comfort.

When you visit Rapscallion, leave no stone unturned; everything on the menu is delectable, and skipping out on any course – including cocktails – is simply a missed opportunity. Definitely begin with a drink, because their menu is packed with clever craft cocktails that offer brilliant blends of unique specialty ingredients. If you’re a whisky drinker, try the Hidden In the Grain, which features a balanced blending of blueberry-infused Canadian rye whisky blended with tart lemon, sweet sorghum, salt, and foamy egg white. It may sound unusual, but it’s whisky-lover approved, and a delicious selection no matter what you typically drink.

The Hidden in the Grain cocktail adds fresh flavor to whisky in ways that please the palate. 

If you’re seeking a more familiar sip, order a House Mule, which can be made to order with rum, bourbon, gin, mezcal, or vodka. At Rapscallion, they take these seriously; they’re fresh, light, and packed with all the ginger spice you want in a good mule. Their wine menu is also artfully curated and extensive – it takes up 2 pages – so don’t be afraid to get lost in a glass or two if a perfect pairing is what you seek.

Rapscallion's House Mule is a top-notch variation of a classic cocktail. 

The food at Rapscallion is divine, and choosing just one dish can prove to be quite a challenge because they all look so good. To tide you over while you contemplate your choices, we suggest ordering the Cast Iron Pan De Campo, a cornbread unlike anything you’ve had before. It comes served piping hot in a cast-iron skillet, and it’s packed full of flavor thanks to delicious chunks of duck confit that are baked right in. The accompanying house-made sweet sorghum butter alone is worth ordering the dish for, but when paired with the cornbread, the resulting flavors are fantastic.

The Pan De Campo is baked fresh to order and served with a side of deliciously sweet sorghum butter. 

When it comes to the main course, a few standouts are worth special mention. The Grass Fed Burger may sound deceptively simple, but calling it delicious doesn’t quite do it justice. For starters, it’s massive, but don’t let that deter you; it’s so good, you’ll have no qualms about taking your leftovers to go. The patty is thick, flavorful, and cooked perfectly to order, and it comes topped with a heavenly helping of house pepper bacon, 3-cheese pimento, dill pickle, and creole mustard. Plus, it comes paired with a side of razor-thin spiced sweet potato chips that are sure to make you swoon.

The sizable Grass Fed Burger at Rapscallion is fresh, flavorful, and filling. 

Another perfect selection is the Rotisserized Chicken, which is tea-brined, spit-roasted, and served with a side of house-recipe rye whisky jus. You can order it in two sizes: a half-bird will give you about 5 pieces, and a whole bird yields close to 10, so it’s a great dish for sharing. Pair it with a side of peppery fermented Greens and you’ve got yourself a perfect meal straight out of the South. Round out your meal with a slice of Chocolate Sheath Cake – if you aren’t too full already – and you’ll be glad you came.

Rapscallion's Rotisserized Chicken is slow-roasted to tender perfection, and pairs perfectly with a side of Greens. 

Rapscallion hasn’t been open long, but it’s already turned into quite the hotspot. It can be tough to get a table last minute, so we recommend calling ahead to make a reservation. Their dining room doesn’t open until 5:30, but there’s no shame in grabbing a cocktail at the bar before settling down for the dinner of your dreams; it’s definitely worth waiting for.
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