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Rent a Picnic Basket from Scardello

04.23.2014 by: Natalie Lomont
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With this beautiful spring weather, we’ve been looking for any excuse to stay outdoors all day long. While we love quality patio time as much as any other good Dallasite, it’s nice to switch it up. This fun service from Scardello is an excellent alternative. Here’s how it works.

Call Scardello to reserve your picnic basket. You can tell them what to put in the basket, give them a little guidance, or let them do the choosing. One of the best parts about Scardello is that their staff is extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate. With that little tid bit, we recommend you take advantage of their expertise by at least leaving some of it up to them.

I told them a few cheese varieties we typically enjoy but also asked to be surprised with some staff favorites. They’ll ask what type of wine you prefer; I went with a rosé – the perfect blend between red and white for a day time meal. You will have to provide a credit card number to hold the basket, but you can wait to pay if you’d prefer.

Once you arrive, they’ll fetch your picnic basket and show you their selections, giving you the opportunity to make any changes. At that point, you can also add additional items to your basket. You may think you’re good to go with just cheese, crackers, and wine, but you’ll be tempted by other goodies.

A peak inside Scardello.

Picnic basket renters will immediately feel welcomed!

Countless options of artisan cheeses.

Plenty of salamis and other meats to choose from as well.

Caramels, chocolates, and other desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Once you’re loaded up to your satisfaction, take your basket and head to the park of your choosing. Perhaps the most convenient {and a lovely option} is the nearby Turtle Creek.

It’s a nice feeling to set up a picnic in such a beautiful setting. Don’t forget to bring a blanket.

Scope out the perfect spot to unwind all day!

Weekend Bliss.

The basket comes with everything you will need to serve yourselves.

Scardello includes a wine carrier, corkscrew, silverware, napkins, a cheese board, and wine glasses. As you can see, we opted for disposable glasses, but they're happy to give you the real thing as well.

We loved the wine, cheese, and crackers recommended by the friendly staff.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cheese, wine, and the view!

Currently, the picnic baskets need to be returned following your picnic. However, Scardello is soon saying goodbye to the pricier {but adorable} picnic baskets and welcoming new, less expensive, bio-degradable picnic baskets that will not need to be returned. Right now, picnic baskets for 2, which include 1 bottle of wine, 3 cheeses, and your choice of crackers, will cost you $49.95. Ten dollars more will get you a picnic basket for 4. While we certainly felt the quality and service were worth the price, it is exciting to know that you will soon be able to enjoy all of this for less.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Scardello is more than an adorable shop filled with artisan, handcrafted foods and unique services like this picnic basket rental. They also serve a delicious menu of sandwiches, charcuterie plates, and cheese boards and offer all kinds of foodie classes.

Bon appétit and happy picnic season!

{Scardello Artisan Cheese Official Website}

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