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Savor Fresh, Natural Fare at Mudhen

02.02.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Dallas is known for being a city of foodies. That means that we like to eat, but we also like to know what we’re eating. Mudhen Meat and Greens, a new concept located near the Dallas Farmers Market, makes that easy by offering healthy, locally-sourced food “that won’t kill you.”

Mudhen’s style is simple, classic, and casual. The restaurant is designed around a vintage, farm-to-table charm, and it’s apparent from the moment you enter that the food is likely to be delicious. Before you even start with a dish, however, take a trip through their cocktail menu and pick out a handcrafted drink to quench your thirst.

The Booted Bantam, for example, is a refreshing drink that features gin, lime, and pomegranate-infused molasses. It sounds sweet, but it’s surprisingly light and smooth, which makes it a great choice for days when you’re especially thirsty. The Dorking is another solid choice, thanks to an inventive combination of lavender-infused bourbon, lemon, mint, and muddled pear. The flavor combination may sound unusual, but it comes together well to yield an easy-drinking cocktail that pairs well with a variety of dishes.

The Booted Bantam and Dorking, respectively, are both delicious cocktails with their own unique flavor. 

If you’re a fan of classic cocktails, the Ameraucana is your best bet. It boasts a smooth combination of whiskey, blackberry Lillet Blanc, and orange bitters reminiscent of what you’d find in an Old Fashioned, but with an artful twist.

The Ameraucana is similar to an Old Fashioned, but it's still unique enough to be a standout drink worth trying. 

If you order a cocktail before dinner, definitely get an appetizer to go with it. The Buffalo Meatballs are a wonderful choice, thanks to their savory flavor.

Buffalo Meatballs, mixed with fresh vegetables, are the perfect way to kick off your meal at Mudhen. 

The Collard Spring Rolls are another solid option, especially if you’re looking for a healthy dish. They feature everything you’d find in a typical spring roll, wrapped up inside fresh collard green leaves for an inventive, Southern twist.

The Collard Spring Rolls perfectly showcase Mudhen's commitment to serving fresh, healthy dishes that are still delicious. 

When it comes to the main course, Mudhen’s menu is full of delectable dishes to choose from. The Iron Man, a sizable sandwich featuring a combination of corned bison, Russian dressing, horseradish-pecan cheddar, and beet-fennel sauerkraut, is absolutely delicious, and definitely hard to pass up.

Bison may not be your normal go-to sandwich selection, but the sheer tastiness of the Iron Man just might change that. 

The Grass-Fed Beef Burger is another wonderful selection, and it’s one of the better burgers you’ll find in Dallas, thanks to the fact that it’s made from fresh, natural ingredients. To really kick it up a notch, order it with a fried egg on top; you won’t regret it.

Mudhen's fresh ingredients elevate a classic cheeseburger from tasty to delicious. 

Although the food at Mudhen is filling before you ever even get to dessert, be sure to save room if you can. The Chococado Mousse is the most intriguing item on the menu, because it’s primarily made with—you guessed it—avocado. There aren’t many places where you can truly enjoy a “healthy” dessert, so take advantage of that option at Mudhen.

Although most wouldn't consider avocado to be a dessert item, Mudhen's Chococado Mousse will likely leave you singing a different tune. 

For the ideal excursion, plan a visit to the nearby Farmers Market and visit Mudhen for lunch, dinner or drinks. Brunch service will be coming soon - perfect for those spring and summer visits to the market.

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