Seafood and Tequila are the Perfect Pair at C'Viche

07.03.2015 by: Jo Firth
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For anyone with a penchant for fresh Mexican food, C’Viche on Greenville Avenue is worth a try. Their menu features plenty of the common standbys you’d expect, like tacos, but seafood is where they really shine. As the name suggests, C’Viche is dedicated to serving fresh seafood dishes inspired by tradition, and they do it well.

Although the menu at C’Viche isn’t necessarily lengthy, don’t be deceived; they serve a selection of signature dishes that can be prepared in a variety of styles, so the possibilities are vast. For example, their signature dish – C’Viche – can be ordered one of four ways, depending on what kind of flavors you prefer. It’s fully customizable, even down to the seafood you select; choose from fresh market fish, scallops, shrimp, or tuna and enjoy the dish exactly how you like it. If it’s your first visit, we recommend going with a classic and ordering the Baja Shrimp C’Viche, which features lime and a generous helping of fresh tomato, onion, jalapeno, avocado, and cilantro. Or if you’re a sushi lover, try the same dish Asian style with tuna instead of shrimp – it can even be ordered sashimi-style. Both C’Viche and Crudo are traditionally served with chips for dipping, but they can also be ordered atop a bed of fresh greens for those seeking a salad.

C'Viche's signature dish is fresh, authentic, and delicious, and can be customized in four different ways. 

If you’re not a fan of seafood, try out C’Viche’s tacos instead; they serve several, and they’re all good. The Chicken Tinga is definitely worth ordering, thanks to the flavors created by mixing charred pineapple with perfectly-seasoned chicken, pickled onion, and cotija cheese. The Brisket Suadero and Fried Egg tacos are also tasty, particularly if ordered on traditional corn tortillas. Or if you like fish but prefer it cooked, the Grilled Fish taco is a perfect way to get your seafood fix, and the Sriracha mayo it’s topped with adds a little kick.

Tacos at C'Viche are just as tasty as their seafood, and can be mixed and matched for flavorful variety.

Part of what makes C’Viche unique is their additional assortment of Texas-inspired snacks, which provide the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re sipping with your meal. We recommend trying the Avocado Fries, which feature slices of fresh avocado, battered and lightly fried to creamy, golden perfection. The Brisket Bullets are another good choice – they’re similar to the fries, but feature battered brisket-stuffed jalapenos instead. Order either for the table and enjoy them alongside a cocktail before your main course, or get them as a side dish to complement your meal.

Avocado Fries are a perfectly crispy complement to any dish. 

Instead of a basic margarita, order a delicious Pisco Sour for a refreshing cocktail experience.

When it comes to drinks, C’Viche is proud to offer a variety of traditional Mexican and South American spirits. Whether it’s Mexican tequila or mezcal, Caribbean rum, Brazilian cachaça, or Argentinian pisco, you’re likely to find something new worth trying on their drink menu. We definitely recommend the Pisco Sour – a popular drink made with plenty of fresh juice, lime, and pisco that provides a refreshing alternative to a typical margarita. For something simple, try a Caipirinha, Brazil’s sweet and tart national cocktail made with cachaça, sugar, and lime juice. Or, be adventurous and try ordering the Lamora – it’s a new off-menu cocktail that C’Viche is currently testing, but the flavor combination of fresh blackberry, basil, and vodka or rum is definitely worth asking after if your server knows how to make it.

The Lamora cocktail is sweet, light, and perfect for sipping on a sunny day. 

C’Viche is bright, relaxed, and casual, so it’s a great place for walk-in dining. Their front patio is nice on pretty days, and it’s a great spot for early evening drinks and dinner with friends. As always, parking on Greenville can be tight, so plan ahead, and order at the counter once you get inside; they’ll bring your food when it’s ready.

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