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Sip | Stir Cafe Focuses on Premier Coffee in a Comfortable Setting

02.28.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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It can be hard to find an authentic coffee shop in Dallas that truly focuses on the quality of the coffee and doesn't get distracted with anything else. Sip | Stir Cafe is working to become that coffee shop. They focus on not just the quality of the beans being used, but also on the method of making the coffee.

Inside view of Sip|Stir Cafe

The atmosphere at this cafe is comfortable and relaxing, with quiet tunes serenading those singles utilizing the free WiFi or the groups deep in conversation over lattes. The calming neutral colors of the booths and white modern chairs pair well with the wood walls on one end, exposed white brick on the other end and large floor to ceiling windows. The space is large and open, with plenty of seating inside, and if it's a beautiful day, you can grab one of the handful of small tables right outside by the street.

Almond milk latte and pour over coffee

While the feel of the place is one reason to come, it is the quality of the coffee that takes utmost importance. Their coffee beans can change seasonally to ensure the finest beans from varying regions are being used at the peak time. They serve j. gursey fine coffee and teas, which they believe is the best in the business. J. gursey purchases only the top half percent of the world's finest green coffees and uses a unique roasting process to create a perfectly balanced cup. 

Latte served in an oversized mug

Hario Pour Over Method {Sip | Stir Cafe Facebook Photo}

Just as important to the bean is the method of making the coffee. One technique they utilize is the Hario Pour Over. By grinding the beans fresh and making each cup on demand, it creates the freshest cup of coffee possible. The aroma lingers as it is brought to your table in a classic oversized mug, and you can promptly enjoy the bold blend that ends with a smooth finish. The cafe also has a beautiful espresso machine used to make signature Italian coffees, including a high quality latte with regular, soy or almond milk.

Fresh pastries provided by Empire Baking Co. {Sip | Stir Cafe Facebook Photo}

Variety of Roots Juices for sale {Sip|Stir Cafe Facebook Photo}

Sip | Stir cafe offers freshly baked pastries from Empire Baking Company as well as small, healthy snack items. If you are looking for a jump start to your day to go along with your coffee, they also sell Roots Juices and other bottled drinks.

The next time you are looking for a place to catch up with a friend, stop in to Sip | Stir Cafe for a delicious cup of coffee. Or if you're in need of a new study spot, bring your laptop to take advantage of the free WiFi (outlets cleverly hidden along the wall under the booths) and strong caffeine at this lovely little cafe.  Sip | Stir Cafe is a quiet, modern coffee shop that provides a much needed respite from the bustling scene of Uptown.

Sip | Stir {Official Website}

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