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Sip and Savor History at Armoury D.E.

08.26.2015 by: Jo Firth
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Armoury D.E. is not your typical cocktail bar. Located in Deep Ellum, this new spot is rooted in history, even down to its name, which is based on an old stenciled sign found inside the building. Everything about this place—from the speakeasy-style décor, to the inventive cocktails named after old-school gangsters and historical figures—gives it a vintage charm that’s refreshingly unique.

Armoury is dim, inviting, and reminiscent of the speakeasies of yesteryear. {Photo courtesy of Armoury D.E. official site.}

Armoury certainly has plenty to offer: their drink menu is extensive and filled with delicious elixirs worth trying, and their kitchen serves food until 2 am, making it the perfect spot for a late-night visit. However, if you’re going to try anything on the menu, make sure to start with a cocktail. The eclectic, original concoctions that fill Armoury’s drink menu really make this bar stand out from the rest.

At Armoury, nearly every drink on the menu is tempting. For example, The Lone Gunman—which features a mixture of vodka, aperol, lemon, claret syrup, blackberry, and mint—is light, refreshing, and easy to drink.

The Lone Gunman boasts a combination of lightly sweet, balanced flavors. 

Ruby’s Revolver, on the other hand, features bourbon blended with lemon, bitters, strawberry mint, soda, ginger, and house grenadine. It’s rich, deep, and delicious; even if you don’t typically drink bourbon, this old-fashioned cocktail is worth a try. In classic fashion, their menu features quite a few whiskey-heavy drinks, many of which feature creative, fresh flavor combinations that are likely to please both whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike.

Ruby's Revolver is the perfect embodiment of a modern cocktail with a classic spirit. 

When it comes to food, the best choice is a simple option: The Deadwood. This sandwich features thinly sliced marinated flank steak, mixed greens, and smoked mozzarella, all topped with a marzano & sherry chutney and sandwiched between slices of hearty Cuban bread. Sure, a sandwich may seem to be a plain choice, but this one is full of flavor and great for enjoying alongside a house cocktail. Or, if you’re looking for a classic choice, the Damn Burger—a stacked cheeseburger served on a Challah bun—is an equally delicious option worth your time.

The Deadwood is hearty, filling, and perfect for savoring alongside one of Armoury's signature cocktails. 

If you prefer to enjoy a steak with your whiskey, try the Angostura Seared Coulotte. It’s a sizable steak that’s seared with angostura, sea salt, and cracked pepper, and then served with a side of your choosing. Order it with a side of fries—trust us, they’re to die for—and dig in. Or, just order a big plate of fries alone; they’re prepared perfectly, and they make for the ideal accompaniment to a couple of late-night drinks.

The Angostura Seared Coulotte comes served with a side of your choosing; we highly recommend ordering fries. 

Armoury’s location in historic Deep Ellum is part of what makes it unique, but it also makes for tight parking on busy weekends. If you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday night, definitely plan to utilize the valet in the lot next door, or bring quarters to feed a meter. Or, plan a trip for a weeknight—they’re open late, every day—and spend some time relaxing after a long day at work. Either way, you’ll enjoy your stay.

{Armoury D.E. Official Site} 

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