Souk: Transports You Straight to Morocco via Trinity Groves

10.13.2015 by: Katie Breckenridge
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The options are endless in Trinity Groves, but if you're looking for ethnic food with a unique dining experience and atmosphere, look no further than Souk, an authentic Moroccan bistro and bazaar. Walking in, you really do feel like you are walking into another time and place, which makes Souk an excellent date night or group dinner destination. Here's a sneak peek at the inside: 

An open kitchen, tasseled, moody lighting, curtained booths, and an authentic tiled bar are the highlights.

This private dining area has atmosphere to the hilt - draped in red tapestries and lit with lanterns.

The patio has a vibe all its own, offering low-style tables with plenty of pillow-laden seating. In the evenings on weekends, a belly dancer offers additional entertainment. You can also enjoy hooka in a variety of flavors at your table.

The food is bursting with flavor and personality. The presentation is unique as well, utilizing interesting serving dishes, colors, and arrangement. We started with the Souk Mezze Platter, which features a medley of marinated olives, dipping sauces, and veggies. We requested julienned vegetables on the side to create a gluten free option instead of pita bread. 

This platter with drinks would be perfect for a fun happy hour! 

The menu offers a host of ethnic dishes including several varieties of tagine, kebabs, couscous, and hummus. We sampled this beauty: 

Kefta Tagine. All their tagines and kebabs are gluten free. 

A 'tagine' is a North African stew, usually made of spiced meat and vegetables, prepared by slow cooking in a shallow earthenware dish with a cone-like lid. We took the lid off for this picture! This one was made of beef and features a fried egg and caramelized onions on top. 

You can order sides to go with each dish, including couscous, saffron rice, and veggies. We opted for veggies to keep things light. 

Colorful, and a great gluten free side option.

The wine list was robust and there were several options to perfectly complement the flavor of each dish. Pro tip: Be sure you save room for dessert. We were truly wowed by the presentation of our choice - the Chocolate Dome. 

Ice cream and hazelnuts encased in a hardened shell of chocolate is melted when the cardamom caramel sauce, set afire, is drizzled on top. 

If you're looking for a fun and unique dining experience, Souk will not disappoint. The food matches the level of atmosphere, making it a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

{Souk Official Website}

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