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Spiral Diner Makes Vegan Dining Delicious

07.28.2015 by: Jo Firth
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Oak Cliff’s Spiral Diner has long been a popular spot among Dallas’ vegetarian and vegan diners. But their lengthy menu full of vegan versions of classic dishes truly offers something to please everyone. The restaurant is styled like a vintage diner, with booths and barstools that mimic eateries of the past. Big picture windows let in plenty of natural light, while friendly staff serve customers and sell vegan grocery items from their market. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed, and perfect for social dining and drinking.

Spiral Diner is bright, casual, and styled like the classic diners of the past. 

The menu at Spiral Diner features a wide variety of dishes, all made with natural, vegan ingredients. You’ll find everything from ethically sourced, vegan beer and wine to burgers and ice cream, and glossaries listing common substitutes and ingredients are available for those unfamiliar with vegan dining. The staff are knowledgeable and accommodating, and most dishes are also labeled for customers with food allergies, making Spiral a great place to eat no matter your diet.

The interior features booths and countertop dining, a market stocked with vegan grocery items, and a pastry case full of treats.

Most items on the menu are flavorful and tasty, but a few dishes in particular are great go-to options, especially if it’s your first time trying vegan dining. The Viva Las Migas, a twist on the Tex-Mex classic, features tofu scrambled with veggies, fresh avocado, and vegan sour cream. For extra flavor, you can add vegan cheese, which is a creamier alternative to dairy cheese that really makes the Migas pop.

The Viva Las Migas are a tasty tofu scramble with a Tex-Mex flair. 

If you’re a sandwich lover, try the Meatball Sub, which comes piled high with vegan meatballs, marinara sauce, and creamy vegan mozzarella. It’s delicious, and an ideal choice for anybody skeptical about trying vegan substitutes. Or try one of their burgers; they serve several kinds of patties so that you can design your burger to fit any palate, and the Patty Melt is a particularly tasty selection. Be sure to enjoy a drink with your meal, whether it’s a sweet glass of Maine Root soda from their self-serve soda fountain, or a choice from their new selection of vegan beers and wines.

The Meatball Sub may be meatless, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. 

When it comes to dessert, Spiral Diner has it covered. They have a fully stocked pastry case filled with freshly baked treats, as well as a rotating selection of vegan ice cream flavors. Both are great options, but we recommend ordering a Banana Split for a real treat; vegan ice cream is lightly sweet and slightly healthier than the dairy version, so grab two spoons and dig in. Or go the classic route and order a sundae piled high with toppings. When you’re done, take your ticket to the front counter to pay, but don’t be surprised if their pastry case tempts you to also get a cupcake to go.

Try a banana split and end your meal on a high note. 

Spiral Diner gets busy on weekends, so expect a short wait if you’re going with a group. Parking is somewhat limited, but spills over into the nearby neighborhood, and there’s a small lot behind the restaurant for extra space. We recommend visiting around lunch time, or trying out their weekend brunch, where pancakes are the main attraction. Regardless of whether you’re vegan or not, this spot is a great choice for casual, healthy dining.
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