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Sweet Daze: Not Your Average Donut Shop

07.28.2017 by: Carly Danner
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Sweet Daze Dessert Bar in Richardson has put themselves on the map with their array of delicious donuts and artisan soft serve. It may not look like much from the outside, but step inside this adorable shop and you'll soon find you've discovered the sweet spot for designer donuts.

Showstopping donuts

You may be wondering how donuts could be described as "designer". Let us enlighten you. Designer donuts have quickly become the hottest trend flooding Instagram feeds. They are more than just a sweet morning treat with some sprinkles dusted on them. These delectable goodies are covered in glaze and often have some sort of cute decor attached to them like a unicorn horn or edible glitter. Oh and of course they are 100% Instagram-worthy. #NoFilter needed.

Covered in sweet glaze and fluffy as a cloud, these donuts are sure to become your new go-to dessert.

While the donuts often take center stage here, they have a few other options worthy of your taste buds. If you want to take your dessert game to the next level, consider topping off your donut with some of their creamy soft serve. Don't forget to add some yummy toppings like Lucky Charms or animal cookies to create a unique sundae.

Though the donuts all taste similar (minus the fruit pebbles) you'll still have a hard time choosing which donut you'll want to chow down on.

These sweet treats are almost too beautiful to eat.

Not a donut fan but still looking for something sweet? Stick with a cup of their artisan soft serve but definitely load it up with toppings. We suggest going dark with the black velvet. It may briefly turn your tongue black, but it is totally worth it when mixed with some white chocolate chips or coconut shreds.

Take a walk on the dark side with their popular black velvet soft serve.

Of course, no donut shop would be complete without some bold coffee offerings. Opt for their cold brew with almond milk that makes for the perfect summer drink. If coffee isn't up your alley, they also have a variety of artisan teas or lemonade that pair perfectly with their donuts.

Strike a pose in front of their adorable signs.

Lastly, we couldn't write about this place without mentioning some crucial photo-ops. Besides snagging some close-ups of your donuts or soft serve, Sweet Daze also has two cute signs that you will absolutely love. Bring along some friends and get ready for a quick photo shoot with your best pals and some of the best donuts in town.

{Sweet Daze Dessert Bar Official Website}

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