Ten Ramen Takes Noodles to the Next Level in Oak Cliff

06.09.2015 by: Sarah Edwards
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Tucked into a corner of Sylvan Thirty in Oak Cliff is one of Dallas’ newest ramen joints, Ten Ramen. This unique concept features a standing-room-only dining area and orders and payment through tablets attached to the wall. This simple, streamlined design keeps the noodles coming, the crowd moving, and the kitchen working hard.

The 10 rules of Ten Ramen. Number 10 is our favorite!

When you arrive at Ten Ramen, check out the menu drawn on the wall which includes a description of each dish. Tablets near the door allow you to place your order and customize your meal with extra noodles, protein, spice, pickled ginger and more! You pay through the tablet (because of this, you cannot pay with cash), the order goes to the kitchen, and wait to hear your name. Even with a busy lunch crowd, our meals were ready in about five minutes.

Diners eating at the bar that looks into Ten Ramen's kitchen. 

Ten Ramen serves its ramen in unique blue and white bowls. Other dishes come in metal bowls, but they are all served on a tray so that you can take them to an open space at the bar. Standing at the bar gives you a great view of what is going on in the kitchen while meals are being prepared. Crocks with fresh garlic cloves and garlic presses line the bar so you can give your meal an extra kick of flavor - if you need it!

A generous portion of tonkotsu with a poached egg.

Lately, Tonkotsu, ramen with pork-based broth, pickled ginger, and nori is the most popular dish. If you don’t want soup, try one of Ten Ramen’s “dry noodle” dishes like the Pork Maze-Men. With diced pork jowls, noodles, nori, and a poached egg, this dish may become your new favorite!

Pork Maze-Men is one of the dry noodle dishes offered.

Have you visited Ten Ramen yet? It is open for lunch and dinner and we bet it will give you a new appreciation for this delicious comfort food.

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