Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

06.11.2014 by: Natalie Lomont
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If your favorite sushi rolls are limited to shrimp tempura and anything doused with spicy mayo and eel sauce, this is not your sushi bar.  If you’re a lover of fresh, simple, and authentic Japanese style sushi, this Lower-Greenville classic will be a favorite if it’s not already.

Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar is a small, cozy, and quaint restaurant. Upon entering, the zen atmosphere immediately relaxes you, transforming your mindset from the bustling street scene outside. Mostly small tables for parties of 2 to 4, you can also opt to be seated at the sushi bar. If you have a large party, there is one table that would be great for a group.

Table for a big group

Don’t get overwhelmed by the menus. You’ll be able to choose from daily chalkboard specials, small plates, yakitori, and of course, sushi. Feel free to order a couple items at a time, hanging onto the menus and ordering as you go. It’s all part of the experience!

We started with a small plate daily special. The mussels were fresh and the sauce was heavenly. Looking back, I should have asked for some rice to soak up the leftovers!

Keeping it fairly simple on this visit, we stuck with some basic sushi selections. Each piece was perfectly fresh and delicious. Because this meal served as a strong reminder of the freshness and quality of Teppo’s fish, next time I will go for more adventurous options. The “Surprise Roll” is a great way to leave some of the decision up to the knowledgeable chefs.

Bigeye Tuna & Fresh Salmon Nigiri and a Rainbow Roll

Appropriately, a majority of the yakitori menu consists of chicken options but also includes veggies, red meats, and seafood.

Chicken Meatball w/Quail Egg and Duck Breast

Small plates are organized by hot and cold and range from Sashimi Salad and Chamame {green tea infused edamame} to Grilled Miso Sea Bass and Grilled Marinated Short Rib.

Grilled Marinated Short Rib

With its unique atmosphere and stylish ambiance, Teppo makes for a great date night or an intimate dinner with friends. They're only open for dinner beginning at 5:30pm, but note that they are closed on Mondays. They do take reservations for parties of 4 or more until 7:00pm.

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