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The 10 Best Taco Spots in Dallas

01.07.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Texas is a haven for taco lovers, and Dallas is certainly no exception. From tiny taquerias churning out authentic, Mexican-style street tacos to urban spots offering quirky, modern twists on the classic dish, there’s a taco shop in Dallas to satisfy every craving. If you’re a taco-lover, these top spots are all likely to please your palate.

Velvet Taco
Located just off of bustling Knox/Henderson, Velvet Taco is a quirky local spot that serves up unique tacos showcasing combinations of fresh, inventive ingredients. Its lengthy menu of creative tacos is enhanced by a variety of equally delicious sides, and a selection of tempting margaritas and local beers. Best of all, it’s open late, making it the perfect spot for satisfying a midnight craving after a night out.

Taco Joint
Taco Joint has several locations all over the city, making it an accessible place for getting your taco fix. It boasts a sizable menu featuring both simple and inventive tacos made with quality ingredients, and most locations feature quirky décor and a casual dining space that’s perfect for social dining with friends. If nothing else, go to try the house-recipe Jalapeno Ranch that will leave you wondering why more places don’t serve ranch with their tacos.

Torchy’s may be a popular chain, but that doesn’t diminish its deliciousness. At Torchy’s, the tacos are modern and vibrant in the best way, just like every other item on the menu. From spicy green chile queso to full-bodied cocktails, Torchy’s has just the thing to take your meal to the next level. Even better, any taco on the menu can be ordered “trashy,” meaning doused in queso; enough said.

Tacodeli has long been a beloved spot in Austin, another Texas taco Mecca, but it’s already gaining notoriety for being a go-to Dallas taco spot as well. It’s especially popular for serving savory breakfast tacos, but it’s also a wonderful weekend brunch destination. For best results, plan a weekend visit, but get there early to snag some queso before it all sells out.

Taqueria El Si Hay
There’s no way around it: Taqueria El Si Hay is tiny. However, it packs a big punch when it comes to flavor, thanks to its assortment of authentic, handmade street tacos made the traditional way. It’s one of Dallas’ little best-kept secrets, and it’s worth a visit any time you’re in the mood for vibrant, authentic street tacos. However, it’s cash only, so be sure to swing by the ATM on your way or you’ll be disappointed.

Fuel City Tacos
Fuel City Tacos is unassuming, and at first glance doesn’t look like it’d be one of the most popular taco spots in Dallas. But, one bite of their delicious barbacoa or pastor tacos proves that appearances don’t mean everything. This spot is affordable, local, family-owned, and open 24 hours, making it a haven for any Dallas taco-lover.

{Photo courtesy of Fuel City Tacos' Facebook Page}

Good 2 Go Tacos
Good 2 Go Tacos takes taco-making to the next level, by serving some of Dallas’ most creative tacos. It’s known for using inventive ingredients in unusual ways to create some of the most unusual—but delicious—tacos in the city. Sure, it gets crowded on the weekends, but we promise it’s worth the wait if you really want to tickle your taste buds.

Tacos la Banqueta
Tacos la Banqueta may not look like much, but it’s a stand-out spot offering authentic street tacos that are sure to please even the most traditional taco enthusiast. Even better, everything on the menu is deliciously affordable, meaning that you can try every taco that tickles your fancy without breaking the bank. However, don’t wait until Sunday to visit, because this spot is only open Monday through Saturday.

Yucatan Taco Stand
Yucatan Taco Stand is a popular spot known for sizable portions, an impressively lengthy menu, and a variety of tasty cocktails that elevate the dining experience. It boasts a spacious patio that’s ideal for outdoor dining when the weather is nice, and it’s the perfect fast casual spot for grabbing drinks and dinner with friends after a busy day. It boasts a prime location on busy Greenville Avenue, but this can make parking tricky during peak hours, so plan accordingly.

El Come Taco
Last but not least, El Come Taco is a delightful local shop known for serving authentic, well-made street tacos. It’s a little family-owned spot featuring a unique menu full of completely crave-worthy tacos, all at prices that won’t destroy your wallet. It’s open till midnight on the weekends, which makes it the perfect spot for grabbing a late-night bite with friends. However, it’s closed on Mondays, so pick a different place for soothing your work-week blues and visit El Come later in the week.

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