The Best Juice Bars Around

09.18.2015 by: Allison Turpin
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As we head from the hot summer months into a new season, what better time is there to jumpstart your health and refresh your routine? Juice and smoothie bars have popped up all over the Dallas area, and we are breaking down our top picks for you. These places make it easy to be healthy by creating nutrient-packed juices, smoothies, and snacks that will satisfy everyone, young and old alike. Here is a listing of our Top 5 Juice Bars in Dallas.

1. The Gem - Park Cities, Preston Hollow

Green Glow juice is packed with vegetables and fruits

Tahitian Pearl smoothie and the Radiant Glow juice

This juice bar focuses first and foremost on the nutrition of their pressed juices, smoothies, and simple foods by using only the freshest organic ingredients. There are two locations of this juice bar, and both are decorated with bright, colorful furniture to go along with their rainbow logo that mimics the array of colors of the vegetables and fruits that go into their drinks. Using creative names of gems, some of our favorite juices that sparkle are the Green Glow and Radiant Glow, while the Tahitian Pearl smoothie is filling, creamy, and luxurious. They even have some packaged lunch items like a Kale Salad and Bean Trio. Parking at the Preston Center location can be tricky, so use The Gem app to order your drink, call when you arrive, and they will bring it out to you! Now that's customer service.

2. The Juice Bar - Park Cities, Inwood

Variety of Pressed Juices

Bowl of produce for one juice

A place where all of the juices focus on flavor, The Juice Bar tries recipes over and over again until they get it right. Founders Tom Hennings and Heidi Lane wanted a place where a nutritious juice, smoothie, or snack actually tasted great, too. All of their options are packed full of fruits and veggies, beautiful in color, and tasty to match. A few of our favorite juices are the We Got the Beet and the Skinny Greens, and the Purple Haze and High Pro Glow are creamy smoothies that will fill you up for the day. They currently have three locations: one in Inwood Village, one on Inwood Road, and the most recent just opened in Northpark Center. Now you can grab a healthy snack while walking the mall.

3. Nekter - Park Cities, Plano

Peanut Butter Bowl

Juices in the bottle for an easy grab and go meal

This import from California makes delicious, nutritious juices, smoothies, and acai bowls at reasonable prices. They also have great cleanse options, including 1, 2, 3, and 5 day cleanses to jumpstart your health with 15 pounds of produce devoured in one day. The menu is small, which makes it easier to decide, and all the juices like the Toxin Flush or smoothies like the Popeye's Acai are satisfying. If you're looking for a more filling meal, try the PB Bowl that includes acai, banana, strawberries, dates, peanut butter and raw vanilla bean cashew nut milk. One nice feature about this juice bar is that you can place your order online. Quickly input your order and pick it up in the store.

4. Buda Juice - Preston Hollow, Mockingbird, Uptown

One day cleanse juices and soup

This juice bar prides itself on hand-squeezing its juices in a cold-press to ensure the purity of the nutrients stay intact. They squeeze as many veggies and fruits into each glass bottle and then sell the bottles in the refrigerators lining the store. This method makes it quick and easy to pop in and grab a juice. And if you aren't in the mood for a drink, try their soup, which is purely veggies, free of both dairy and broth. Here's a tip: return your glass bottle the next time you go for $1 off your next juice!

5. Roots Juices

Their labels are equally as beautiful as they are informative {Roots Juices Facebook Photo}

This juice bar started from a simple idea from an entreprenuer and has turned into one of the best places to grab a juice in town. With nearly 3 lbs of produce in every juice, you can be confident that you are getting the necessary nutrients you need for the day. One of the main features of this store is that they ship juices across the country and have different kits customized to your needs. So whether you looking to stop in and grab a juice or want to explore one of their cleanses, Roots Juices might be the place for you.

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