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The Blind Butcher Is More Than Just A Bar

02.17.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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The Blind Butcher is quickly becoming one of the most talked about new bar-restaurants in the eclectic lower Greenville area.  And for a good reason. The laid back atmosphere and small space creates a pub vibe in the middle of Dallas. The menu is enticing with local ingredients, meat options galore, and even several dishes to satisfy any vegetarian. All curing, brining and fermenting is done in-house, resulting in fresh and delicious meats. The bar was crowded on a Thursday at 6:30pm, with some groups grabbing a drink after work and others looking for a full meal. Parking is limited on the street, so check behind the Truck Yard for extra spots. The tables are first come first served, so you might have to fight for a table. But that fight is well worth it.

The drink menu had a good variety of craft beers and innovative cocktails. The Seasonal Smash cocktail was delicious. Just the right amount of sweetness to accompany a carnivorous dinner. They combine Grey Goose Cherry Noir, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, ginger beer, mint, and luxardo cherry to create a smooth and tasty drink. You'll be happy with any one of their many craft beers as well.

The drink menu includes the Seasonal Smash cocktail and local beers

Pastrami Egg Rolls 

The menu at the Blind Butcher is a meat mecca. They focus on quality and the source of ingredients, which elevates a simple sausage to something to write home about. But the nice thing about the menu is that there are multiple snack options if you're looking for a small bite to share, or there are dishes that will satisfy any level of hunger. We started with the Pastrami Egg Rolls. Imagine stuffing a Reuben sandwich into a crispy egg roll - that is exactly what these taste like. The egg roll is filled with house cured beef and sauerkraut and is accompanied with a tangy mustard sauce. The snack is crispy, salty and satisfying. The Charcuterie Board is perfect for sharing and allows you to sample many of their fresh, local meats. Other snacks include seared broccolini with black truffle fondue and beef tartare with quail egg and capers.

Charcuterie Board {The Blind Butcher Photo}

Hand Cranked Chicken Sausage and Pork Belly Poutine

The next section of the menu is all about their homemade sausages. We tried the Chicken Sausage served with greens. Chicken sausage is known for being dry and bland, but this sausage was quite the opposite. It was moist and flavorful, sitting on a bed of sauteed spinach surrounded by a sweet broth. Another unique item on the menu are the three varieties of Poutine: mushroom, pork belly and duck. Poutine is a Canadian dish that starts with french fries and brown gravy and is topped with anything and everything, from veggies to meat. The Pork Belly Poutine was so deliciously addicting that we almost felt guilty about how fast we ate it. The french fries are served over a sweet, tangy brown sauce and piled high with pieces of salty pork belly and cheese curds. And adding a fried egg on top is a must! The heat from the fries melts the cheese, the yolk from the egg coats the fries, and it all marries into one over-the-top dish. Poutine is addicting, and it is not for the faint of heart.

If you're looking for something lighter but still delicious, the Blind Butcher offers several salad options, including the Elbow Salad, which elevates a traditional cobb salad to the next level by topping it with their own smoked chicken and pickled ranch. The menu even provides a vegetarian tofu "hot dog" and several vegetable sides.

Dim lighting and a relaxed atmosphere create an ideal setting for happy hour or a full meal. {The Blind Butcher Facebook photo}

The next time you are looking for a place to grab drinks after work or fill your plate with protein, head to the Blind Butcher. It stays open until 2am and would be the perfect place for a late night snack. A patio in the back is scheduled to open in the spring, so plan on grabbing a craft beer and snacking on some hand cranked sausages next time the weather is nice. You will be thankful you waited to find a parking spot.

{The Blind Butcher Official Website}

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