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The Foundry and Chicken Scratch are a Breath of Fresh Air

09.25.2015 by: Jo Firth
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One of the perks of living in Texas is the weather; although the summers can be sweltering, the other seasons aren’t quite so bad, offering ample opportunity for outdoor dining. That’s where brilliant restaurant concepts like  Chicken Scratch and The Foundry come in, providing the perfect setting for casual eating and drinking with friends.

Located near Trinity Groves, the Foundry and Chicken Scratch are joined by a shared courtyard filled with picnic tables and booths fashioned from repurposed storage containers. String lights add a pleasant ambiance, while a stage promises live music every weekend. Hungry customers can grab a bite at Chicken Scratch, while the Foundry provides all the drinks a thirsty group could ever need, making for the perfect combination of quick, casual spots, all in one place.

The Foundry and Chicken Scratch are joined by a spacious courtyard that's ideal for outdoor dining in nice weather. 

If you’re stopping at Chicken Scratch, don’t be surprised to find that their menu revolves entirely around, well, chicken. However, this isn’t so much a limitation as it is a benefit, as all of their dishes are savory, filling, and delicious. The Foundry Sandwich, in particular, is a wonderful choice thanks to a smart combination of fried chicken topped with mashed potatoes, smoked bacon, beer mustard, American cheese, and oregano vinegar honey. As if those ingredients couldn’t get any better, they all come sandwiched between two fluffy home-style biscuits, which means it’s nearly impossible to enjoy the entire sandwich without the help of a fork and knife.

The Foundry Sandwich is a gigantic, delicious Southern-style sandwich that usually requires the help of a fork and knife. 

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, order the Rotisserie chicken, which is first marinated in a chile mojo vinaigrette and then slow-roasted on their in-house pecan wood rotisserie. You can order a half or whole bird, along with whatever additional sides suit your fancy, so the possibilities are limitless.
Because it’s slow-roasted, the rotisserie chicken is juicy and fall-off-the-bone tender, so it’s a great way to enjoy a little protein, Southern style. To turn it into a true Texas feast, order a side of collard greens and enjoy a perfect pairing. A half bird is definitely plenty for one person, but a whole bird is always a great choice if you’ll be sharing with friends.

Chicken Scratch is known for chicken, and their Rotisserie chicken is cooked perfectly to-order on a rotating spit. 

When you’re ready for a drink, head next door to the Foundry and make a selection from their lengthy menu. They offer an assortment of the usual beers you’ll find at most bars, plus a variety of drafts and selections from micro-breweries, so it’s a great place for a beer-lover. However, they also mix up a variety of house cocktails worth paying attention to. We recommend the Plymouth Peach, which offers a sweet way to sip bourbon that pairs surprisingly well with most of the dishes you’ll find next door.

Order the Plymouth Peach, and enjoy bourbon with a sweet, Southern twist. 

Because of their unique ambiance, the Foundry and Chicken Scratch are both popular places. The area gets especially busy on the weekends, so we recommend planning a visit for a time when you’re not in any hurry. Better yet, take a few friends along and enjoy the live music that happens every weekend. That way, you’ll have ample time to kick back, relax, and make the most of your time outside with a delicious meal and a drink.

{Chicken Scratch/The Foundry Official Site} 

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