There's More to Tortaco Than Meets the Eye

01.05.2017 by: Carly Danner
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Tortaco in the Downtown/Arts District is one of the latest hot spots to make a footprint in Dallas. From the outside, one may assume it is another Tex-Mex restaurant (hence the word combination of tortas and tacos) with typical flavors and dishes. Take a step inside and you'll quickly realize that it is anything but another Mexican restaurant.

A trendy exterior makes Tortaco a stand-out amongst its corporate neighbors.

With metals, chains, and biker gear covering the interior, it's clear to see that this restaurant is far from cookie cutter or even the "hipster" style you always see around town. Tortaco is rebellious, hardcore, and unlike any other - a quick glance at their menu will prove it.

Tortaco is all about their mezcal, and with "sips" starting at only $3, they make it easy for you to try them all.

Starting with their drink menu, you'll find that regular tequila just doesn't make the cut. While they do carry a small selection of tequilas, they pride themselves on their variety of mezcals; a smoky liquor made from agave plants in Mexico. While some may find the smoky flavors hard to swallow, their selection provides a variety of mezcals ranging from subtle to ultimate smokehouse flavor. Their knowledgable and friendly staff can help you find the best mezcal for your tastebuds.

Their Jalapeno Mac and Cheese is the perfect spicy starter to your meal.

Their menu is divided up into three sections: Tortas and Tacos, Bowls, and Other Stuff which is essentially their appetizer creations. When it comes to their shareable plates, each one looks better than the next. From their Roasted Cauliflower with delicious melty cheeses to their Pineapple Goat Cheese & Ceviche, there's no limit to the flavor combinations at Tortaco.

The Cali Breakfast Taco and the Roasted Chicken Taco are one of the many uniquely crafted tacos for you to try.

While you'd think it would be easy to make a decision for the main course with only bowls, tacos, and tortas to choose from, their wild flavor combinations makes it difficult to choose just one. Thankfully their tacos and tortas are the perfect size for ordering multiple options. First, choose from their variety of flavor options like the Tongue and Cheek or the Burnt Ends, then choose whether you want it folded into a soft flour tortilla or their fire-toasted artisan bread.

Truffle Steak Bowl

For those who aren't taco fans or would prefer to pack more flavor into their bite, opt for one of their hand-crafted bowls. Each bowl has a base of their delicious serrano jasmine rice and then several different ingredients packed on top. While each bowl is a must-try, their standout bowls include the Truffle Steak bowl and their Hamachi bowl that comes with fresh Yellowtail.

The Stinky Inky combines rum, berries, and mezcal to create a smoky frozen drink like no other.

The biggest takeaway from Tortaco are their unbeatable prices. For a restaurant that provides such a trendy feel, it's refreshing that their prices don't match that. Besides a few of their tequilas and premium mezcals, everything else on the menu is under $10. Their reasonable prices means you're able to try more for less, and with such unique dishes and drinks, you'll want to order just about everything on the menu.

Their trendy patio makes for the perfect spot for happy hour and people watching.

Tortaco is currently only open during the week, and is closed on Saturday and Sunday, but they have a location in Fort Worth that offers brunch, so hopefully we'll see longer hours here soon. Whether it's a quick stop in on your lunch break or your next week night happy hour outing, Tortaco will surely be your go-to spot for out-of-the-ordinary combinations.

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