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Tillman's Roadhouse Unveils New Chef and Menu

01.12.2017 by: Jo Firth
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Tillman’s Roadhouse has been a popular Bishop Arts staple for years, but after some recent changes, it’s a whole new restaurant that both old and new fans are going to love. Recently, Executive Chef Michael Morabito unveiled a new menu that showcases his signature style while still paying homage to the Tillman’s Dallas diners have grown to love. At a preview event hosted by the restaurant’s new owners, diners were invited to sample featured dishes from the new menu, all while taking in the updated interior of the transformed Tillman’s Roadhouse.

Executive Chef Michael Morabito shared his new menu with a select group of lucky diners at Tillman's recent re-opening.

The new Tillman’s is just as full of charm as its predecessor, but it embraces contemporary flair in a way that sets it apart. Neon lights combine with classic stylings to create a vibe somewhere in between urban and traditional, and a brand-new floor-to-ceiling bar creates the perfect place for sampling some of the restaurant’s new signature cocktails. 

A neon Pegasus adds modern flair to Tillman's new look, while making a nod to its Dallas roots. 

Tillman's new floor-to-ceiling bar is the ideal place for sampling Tillman's extensive selection of signature cocktails and spirits. 

The Blood Orange Margarita and a classic Rickey were just two of the cocktails diners sipped while sampling Tillman's new menu. 

The focal point of the new restaurant is its updated menu, which has been completely revamped to feature modern twists on classic Texas flavors. Dishes like the “Four Corners” Beer Can Chicken blend the classic savory flavors of the South with Chef Morabito’s inventive culinary flair, while menu items like the Grilled Texas Quail pay homage to the Roadhouse setting that made Tillman’s a staple in the first place.

The Grilled Texas Quail pairs perfectly seasoned quail with a balanced bite of delectable dirty rice. 

At Tillman's preview party, guests sampled bite-sized portions of Chef Morabito's new signature menu items, like the "Four Corners" Beer Can Chicken. 

The Tillman's CFSS pays homage to the classic Southern flavors that made the original restaurant so popular with local diners. 

Chef Morabito's new menu doesn't stop at stunning diners with delicious savory selections. It also features a variety of sweet dishes ranging from the original restaurant's signature Tableside S'mores to a sweet and salty Key Lime & Cactus Pear Cheesecake. With an ample selection of after-dinner drinks to round out any meal, the new menu has diners covered from start to finish. 

The Tableside S'mores are a Tillman's classic, and Chef Morabito made sure to include them on his updated menu. 

The Key Lime & Cactus Pear Cheesecake is both tart and sweet, and the pretzel tuile garnish adds a salty pop of flavor.

Tillman's Warm Skillet Pecan Pie a la Mode is just as delicious as it sounds. 

After its recent unveiling, the new Tillman's Roadhouse is open and ready to welcome hungry Dallasites. Whether you visit alone or with a group, be sure to sample as many of the new menu items as you can, as they're all delicious and likely to become beloved staples in the Dallas dining scene. 

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