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Toasted Coffee + Kitchen Offers it All

11.19.2016 by: Becca Kouser
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They had us at "artisan toast". Some have called the newest (and trendiest) opening, Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, hipster. But we think it's genius. Located at the lowest of Greenville, Toasted has finally opened, offering coffee, beer and wine, sandwiches (soon to come) and of course, artisan toast. Toasted's space is welcoming with high ceilings and beautiful wood tables and benches fit for a coffee break or breakfast with friends. The atmosphere is casual; it's a great place to grab a table and spend the afternoon working, sipping on a latte and noshing on a snack.

The Flat White is creamy and smooth, the perfect caffeinated treat.

Coffee, tea, espresso and chai, Toasted offers a broad range of caffeinated beverages to pair with your toast. For a simple cup of coffee, you can order it slow-dripped, bold, or regular to get your quick fix. We think we'll be stopping by on our way to work for a quick cup! Espresso drinks come in the usual assortment. We sipped on a smooth flat white with the perfect ratio of steamed milk and espresso. Living here in Texas it's never out of season to order an iced beverage, and Toasted features quite a few intriguing options such as a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Iced Chai Tea Latte, Cold Brew and more. With such a vast menu of caffeinated drinks, it's hard not to find something fit for your taste. 

From coffee to cocktails, tea to beer, Toasted serves it all.

If you're looking for something stronger, Toasted also serves wine and beer on tap as well as champagne, cocktails and bottled and canned beer. We think a hearty slice of avocado toast would pair nicely with a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc.

Looking for a classic avocado toast? Try the Don't Get Salty.

True to its name, Toasted serves a perfect menu of toasts. Varying from sweet to savory and even few traditional classics, each one has a punny name fit for its toppings. It would be a travesty if a toast place didn't have avocado toast on their menu, and Toasted doesn't have just one, but three different options. For those who favor the traditional, try the Don't Get Salty: a thick slice of bread topped with avocado spread, sea salt, black sea salt and black pepper. Straightforward and classic, it can't be beaten. Other avocado options include a twist; the Avo-ca-damn is spicy with sriracha and the Pecan Do It features an avocado and chocolate ganache.

Butter and cinnamon sugar smothered over a piece of toast? Sold.

We're still dreaming about this delicious combination of sweet goat cheese, pears, honey and pecans.

Toasted also plays homage to the childhood classic, cinnamon toast. We tried the Comatoast, a thick slice of house bread with butter and cinnamon sugar. After one bite we were taken back to our younger days. Other sweet classics include a honey and peanut butter topped toast, Honey I'm Home, and Week in the Knees, featuring their bread and jam of the week. Our favorite off the menu? The Toast Ma Goats. We don't just love it for the name, but also for the excellent combination of toppings - their housemade bread smothered with sweet goat cheese and topped with pear slices, honey, and pecan pieces.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen serves more than just your usual toast. They've taken a simple concept and transformed it into a fantastic meal. We can't wait to stop by once they roll out their grilled cheese and sandwich menu, which we know is sure to be fantastic.

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