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Top Knot is Top Notch

03.01.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Uchi is already one of Dallas’ most popular restaurants, and Top Knot, its sister concept, is well on its way to having the same reputation. Thanks to a varied menu focused on serving playful small plates with Asian influence, it’s completely unique, and ready to stand on its own as Uchi’s more casual upstairs neighbor.

Top Knot is open, bright, and more relaxed than its downstairs neighbor. 

Top Knot has a life of its own, and it shows from the moment you first open the menu. For starters, the cocktail selection features a range of specialty drinks that are designed to be unique, like the Mezcal Mule, which takes a traditional Mule recipe and amplifies it by adding the smoky flavor of Mezcal.

The Mezcal Mule is much more than just a typical Mule, thanks to the addition of smoky, charred Mezcal. 

The Birdhouse Bramble is another great example of Top Knot’s fun spirit; it’s an atypical fruity drink that features the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors. The Top Knot Punch is another great happy hour offering, thanks to an aromatic blend of fruits, spirits, and spices unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. In fact, Top Knot’s entire happy hour menu is tempting, and you can even enjoy your cocktail on the wraparound outdoor patio if you get there early enough.

For a fruity drink with just the right amount of sweetness, try the Birdhouse Bramble. 

When it comes to food, the menu at Top Knot features small plates that pack a big punch when it comes to flavor. The Hot Fried Chicken Bun, for example, features crispy fried chicken doused in a spicy sauce that will tickle your tastebuds. We definitely recommend giving it a try, but be sure to have a cocktail handy if you’re not a fan of heat.

The Hot Fried Chicken bun is crispy, spicy, and the perfect complement to some of Top Knot's sweeter dishes. 

Because Top Knot’s plates are designed to be sharing-size, it’s best to try a few. The Miso Brown Sugar Salmon, for example, is another great option unlike anything else on the menu. It’s a sweet and savory tribute to Top Knot’s Asian-influenced roots, and it’s the perfect follow-up to a spicy dish.

For something that's both sweet and savory, try the Miso Brown Sugar Salmon. 

Don’t fill up entirely on entrees, however, because Top Knot also offers a variety of small sweet plates to satisfy your dessert craving. If you only try one, make sure it’s the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, which is Top Knot’s brilliant fusion of two already delicious sweets into one delectably memorable dessert.

Top Knot's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is the perfect embodiment of the restaurant's unique, playful style. 

Top Knot has already gained a quick following, and that’s just the beginning. It stays pretty busy on weekends, so plan ahead and get there early to avoid a wait. Or double your fun and enjoy happy hour before dinner, which will give you a chance to sip a cocktail on the patio before stepping inside for the main course.

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