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Truck Yard is Still Truckin'

10.13.2014 by: Becca Kouser
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Truck Yard and Carnival Barkers Ice Cream

Lower Greenville's adult playground, Truck Yard, has become a Dallas favorite over the past year. With an excellent location, back yard, and much more it always brings in large crowds for a lively night out. We love the "adult's only" tree house, the fact that it's dog friendly, and we are crazy about the house made cheesesteaks. As a Philly cheeseteak fanatic (Philadelphia Pat's all the way) it's safe to say Truck Yard does a phenomenal job making their own. 

Ribeye Steak Cheesesteak and a Twisted Mule

Truck Yard's cheesesteaks aren't for those with a small appetite. This cheeseteak was so large it was a little intimidating; filled with ribeye steak, mushrooms, grilled onions, and melted provolone. They also offer different proteins to choose from like chicken or baby portobello, veggies including grilled peppers and pickled jalapenos, and of course the classic cheese whiz or white American. Top it off with their delicious peppercorn or chipotle ranch and make it combo with a pickle spear and some classic kettle cooked chips!

If Philly Cheesesteaks aren't your thing, don't worry. They also have several food trucks parked out back that change daily. Find selections like Pompeii, Eat Jo Dogs, Easy Slider, Oink n Moo, The Greek and many more! 

Twisted Mule

Franconia Dunkel Draft 

If you're visiting Truck Yard for a few drinks be sure to try one of the local craft beers on draft. We loved the Community and Franconia draft selections. Beer isn't the only thing that Truck Yard has on draft, they also offer many delicious cocktails on draft. We especially loved the Twisted Mule, a twist on the traditional Moscow Mule. For those who want to pretend it's still summer try a the frozen Grapefruitita.

Try and save a little room for some post grubbing ice cream from Carnival Barkers located at the front! The Truck Yard tends to be a mad house every weekend so if you're seeking a more relaxing evening, stop by during the week for prime seating and less of a crowd. The next time you plan a happy hour with friends or a night of backyard dining and drinking, make sure to check out the Truck Yard!

{Truck Yard Official Website}

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