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Weekend Coffee: A Hidden Gem in The Joule

07.06.2016 by: Taylor Fisher
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A hidden gem tucked away in The Joule in downtown Dallas, Weekend Coffee delivers more than its name implies. First, it should certainly be visited on more than just weekends.  Second, while making a delicious cup of coffee, it also offers unique and delicious bites, including freshly made sweet and savory pastries, cookies and bistro sandwiches. Sitting and sipping and munching outside this little shop makes any day feel like the weekend.

Weekend Coffee is a bright, friendly little bistro tucked away in The Joule.

{Photo courtesy of Weekend Coffee's Facebook Page}

Choose from a variety of coffees listed on their chalkboard, and pick out a unique treat from the display case.  Then, step into the spacious lobby of The Joule to settle down in one of their comfy chairs or couches while catching up with friends. If you're needing to be productive, grab a spot at their community table to get a little work done.  The grinding of coffee, light shuffling of feet, turning of pages, and soft humming of voices invites you to stay and savor your time.

On my first visit to Weekend Coffee, I opted for their simple pour over. You can tell a lot about a place from the flavor and quality of their basic items.  My friend also went the simpler route and ordered their iced Americano.  Both drinks met or exceeded expectations.  To eat, I selected two unique treats: a blueberry cake of sorts, and a Dulce de Leche pop-tart to share.  The barista described the blueberry cake as a slightly sweeter cornbread with blueberries, which instantly peaked my curiosity, and I was too intrigued by the freshly made pop-tart not to try that as well.  Other items offered this day included homemade donuts, croissants, a French toast - inspired pastry, and a variety of cookies.


The Dulce de Leche pop-tart & blueberry bread are unique & delicious sweet treats to share and savor with a friend.

Soft, sweet and creamy, these pastries strike a balance of sugar and butter that allows them to melt in your mouth.  The cake tasted just as the barista described - like a sweeter cornbread but with blueberries.  It may sound odd, but it was surprisingly delicious. The pop-tart was homemade with a light icing drizzled over the top and a creamy Dulce de Leche filling.  While the middle was a bit too much sugar for my liking, it would be a sugar-lovers dream.  The pastry of the pop-tart was substantial, creating a good partnership between sweet filling and the flaky buttery crust.  Both sweet treats paired well with the simple, unsweetened pour over and the iced Americano - both bold drinks, but smooth and easy to drink.  It was a great coffee and cake combination on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


This vegetarian sandwich is just one of the several bistro sandwiches on the menu.  Fresh, simple and full of flavor.

My return visit was during the lunch hour, and I opted for the vegetarian bistro sandwich and a cappuccino.  Both items hit the spot. The cappuccino was smooth with a hint of sweetness from the milk.  The sandwich was hearty but not too filling, with layers of fresh vegetables like summer sliced tomatoes, mixed greens, cucumber, and smashed avocado. Topped with goat cheese, basil pesto, and sherry vinegar all on a skinny fresh baguette, it made for a refreshing and satisfying lunch.  Such a combo provided a needed pick-me-up, helping me return to work energized and ready to power through the rest of my day.

So, the next time you are downtown, whether it's a treat you're seeking or a quick lunch and pick-me-up coffee, Weekend Coffee could be just what you need.  Savor a pastry or sandwich, sip a smooth cup of coffee, recharge, and tackle the rest of your day.

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