Recommended Outings

Four-Legged Friends

Green parks and pet-friendly patios abound in the city. Plan an outing with your four-legged buddy.

Just the Girls

Sometimes you just need to get out with the girls. Find outings that you and your best friend, or two or more can enjoy.

Family Fun

It's the weekend and the kids are restless. Find outings for the whole family to enjoy.

Sunday Funday

It's the last day of the weekend and we don't want the fun to end. Find outings that are built just for this day.

See the City

Whether it's a quick layover, a visit from out-of-towners or a trip to that far-away neighborhood, use our outings to guide you through the city.

Date Ideas

First dates, anniversaries, weekend get-togethers.  Here are some ideas for hanging out with that special someone.


Wanting some ideas to celebrate a birthday, job promotion or entertaining your out-of town friends? Check out our pre-planned adventures here.

Just the Guys

It's just the guys and you have all day or all night to hang. Get out and have fun by following our suggested outings just for the boys.

Get Outdoorsy

It's a beautiful day and you are looking for some fun things to do. Check out our outings to plan a day of exercise and good food.