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Best DFW Tacos and Topo Chico

09.13.2013 by: Shelly Markey
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There are the classic pairings. Burgers and beer. Donuts and coffee. And in Texas, there is not a drink more refreshing than Topo Chico to go with your favorite street taco. This Monterey, Mexico mineral water has been around since the late 1800s and has gained popularity as more and more taquerias are popping up across the U.S. Here are some of our favorite taco spots in the DFW area where you can enjoy a refreshing Topo Chico.

Steak Taco at Salsa Limon Museo

Salsa Limon in Fort Worth has been a popular food truck serving street tacos and tortas for a while now but they recently opened a cool little (seats about 25) spot across from the museum district, hence the name "Museo".

Chicken Fajita Taco and Picadillo Taco at Fuel City Tacos

A popular taqueria in Dallas is Super Tacaso, or popularly referred to as "Fuel City Tacos" due to its location next to the large gas station/carwash, Fuel City. Open 24 hours a day and cash only. Besides the perk of filling up and getting a carwash while you're here, it's also got one of the best views of the city!

View of Dallas from Fuel City Tacos

Bistec and Pollo Tacos at Taqueria la Ventana

Find a quaint courtyard setting at this taqueria across from the Perot Museum. Walk up to the window at Taqueria la Ventana, place your order, grab a picnic table and relax in the sun. This was close to happy hour so we did have a margarita chaser with the Topo Chico!

Margarita at Taqueria la Ventana

Bistek Taco at Melis Taqueria

Melis Taqueria has some of the yummiest street tacos in Fort Worth. Order at the window (cash only) and enjoy at one of the picnic tables or small outside bar.

Bistec Taco and Pollo Taco at Taqueria el si Hay

Since Taqueria el si Hay serves up some of our favorite tacos in the area we were disappointed to find they do not have Topo Chico. The fix for this is to hop across the street to Bolsa Mercado where you'll find chilled Topo Chico in the refrigerated section. There is no seating at Taqueria el si Hay so enjoy your tacos and Topo in the car - just don't leave without the spicy green sauce!

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