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Find Delicious Backyard BBQ at Railhead Smokehouse

05.20.2015 by: Holiday Bean
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Railhead Smokehouse has served Fort Worth backyard style BBQ for over 20 years, meaning it can be described as nothing less than an institution. You order your food from the line chef who ensures your order, even if it is ridiculously large or intricate. He barks your order at the kitchen staff and they happily hop to. In no more than 60 seconds you have your meal in front of you.

Rib Plate with Fries

Don’t want to eat in? Order your food for pick up, or better yet, take advantage of the drive through. Food is ordered by plates, a la carte, or by the pound. Keep this in mind when planning your next party.

A La Carte Sausage

If you’re eating in inside they have a bar which serves beers (draft or bottled) in frosty mugs, margaritas, and sodas (and iced tea, but no sweet tea). Feel free to sit yourself at any of their tables inside or out; or take a seat at the bar and chat up the bartender. They also have several TVs primed for sports so if you’re not in the mood to talk you can always enjoy the game.

Frosty Cold Beer

The smokers are always busy and run round the clock. The pork spare ribs are cooked for approximately four hours and the brisket for 14 hours.  All of the meats are seasoned with a dry rub (which you can purchase along side your food). If you’re looking for sauce, don’t fret! Their secret special BBQ sauce is served on the side, perfect for dipping. They wouldn’t give me the recipe (yes, I asked), but they did let it slip that the drippings from the beef are inside the sauce.

Combo plate with Ribs and Brisket

Like all good backyard BBQ, the meat is served with sides. You have a choice of potato salad, coleslaw, fries, or onion rings. They also have special appetizers (Jalapeño Poppers!).

Jalapeño Poppers

For dessert the options are limited, but well worth it. They always have a cobbler of sorts (sourced out, it’s the only thing they do not make there) and ice cream.

Peach Cobbler

Pro Tip: Whatever you’re in the mood for, make sure you get at least a side of ribs; they were the most tender ribs I’ve ever eaten.

Railhead Smokehouse Motto

Railhead Smokehouse is an institution serving easy backyard BBQ by the pound.

Railhead Smokehouse Official Site

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