Five "Must Try" Fall Beers

10.21.2013 by: Zach Cornwell
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In case you hadn't noticed, it's getting cooler out there. Much cooler. And what better way to say adios to those sweltering summer temps than by knocking back a few cold ones on a cold one? These Texas brewskis pair perfectly with Fall and are all available right here in DFW.

Lakewood Punkel

Let's face it. Pumpkin beers are a dime a dozen this time of year. But Lakewood shakes things up with one that doesn't use pumpkin at all. Most of the "pumpkin" flavor we all know and love comes from spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. Not the actual gourd. The brewers admitted this and created a pumpkin spiced dunkel instead. It's malty and satisfying, with a rich aroma of Mom's pumpkin pie. You can break this out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or absolutely no reason at all.

Martin House There Will Be Stout

Who doesn't like chocolate-covered pretzels? That's exactly the vibe the guys at Martin House have captured with their "original pretzel stout". Clumsy name aside, this salty-sweet concoction requires 6 pounds of crushed sourdough pretzels per barrel for a result I found pretty magical. It's a nice, off-the-beaten-path stout to sip and savor as those Fall chills come rolling in.

Cedar Creek Scruffy's Smoked Alt

Grilling on game day. Camping trips. Crackling fire pits. For me, Fall has always been the season of smoke. This unique take on a German-style altbier uses the flavor of beechwood- smoked malts as a compliment, rather than a crutch. It's on the sweeter side, with the smoke and a healthy dose go hops to balance it all out. Oh and it comes in cans.

Rahr Bourbon Barrel Winter Warmer.

Sure, it says “winter” in the name. But thanks to the ever-encroaching creep of seasonal releases, you can find this fantastic take on Rahr’s Winter Warmer flowing right now. Rich notes of vanilla and smooth bourbon blend sublimely with dark fruit and bready flavors. Don’t miss this one.

Revolver Sidewinder

Looking for something a little hoppier? Check out this “Southwestern Pale Ale” from the talented gents at Revolver. Brewed with agave nectar, maize and spices, this is not your Dad’s pale ale. Juicy hops and some citrus zing make this a great tailgate beer.

Where to find ‘em:

The sad fact is taps rotate in and out, often not at our convenience. But for an idea of where to find these try any of these places. They’re out there. And when in doubt, google it, y’all.

The Common Table

Craft & Growler

Meddlesome Moth

The Holy Grail Pub

The Ginger Man

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