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Great Drinks and Grilled Steaks at Hunter Brothers' H3 Ranch and Booger Red's Saloon

03.19.2015 by: Holiday Bean
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When cowboys are feeling classy, they mosey on over to Hunter Brothers’ H3 Ranch and Booger Red’s Saloon, where the drinks are strong and the company is friendly.

H3 Ranch Ribs

Your experience starts with drinks at Booger Red's Saloon. This is a cowboy bar of only the most elegant proportions. Park your tired hind quarters on one of their legendary saddle seats and ask one of their kind bartenders for an Anita-Margarita. While you’re waiting for your table, snack on some of their world-famous chips and salsa. Beware: both are SPICY!

Saddle Seat


Chips and Salsa

Once you’re ready to eat, step across the hall to the dining room at Hunter Brothers' H3 Ranch; it’s filled with tables big and bigger and booths large enough to stretch out in. Though the room is decorated in all things Texas-Western, the main attraction is the large indoor barbeque and smoker.

Barbeque and Smoker

The menu is varied and filled with hearty choices. Though they are known for their steaks, take a gander at their entire menu and be sure to inquire about the daily specials as well.  They always have a fire-smoked Prime Rib and Sirloin steak, so if this piques your interest, arrive early. Quantities are limited and once they run out, they are done for the night. The majority of the entrées come with salad (because we could all use something green), and everything is served with freshly baked sourdough bread.

House Salad

House-Baked Sourdough Bread

Hickory Grilled Shrimp with Anita-Pilaf and Lemon Butter

Spit-Roasted Pig with Grilled Corn and a Baked Potato

Almost all aspects of the meal are made in-house; from the dressings to the bread, to the desserts.

Pecan Pie

For those who want an authentic cowboy experience, stop into Booger Red's Saloon and Hunter Brother's H3 Ranch in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

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