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Melt Ice Creams Delicious First Look

04.24.2014 by: Shelly Markey
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In our constant search for the newest, trendiest and best loved eateries in the city we are always happy to see the doors of a new local spot open. The excitement and pride of new ownership and sheer joy of products offered make our day! But when we find something that is truly WOW we are beside ourselves. Such is the case with Melt Ice Creams, the new ice cream parlor in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth. This "farm to cone" creamery currently offers six flavors that are sourced from local ingredients and free from preservatives and coloring. Open just a week now, Melt is on its way to becoming a huge hit-especially when the mercury starts climbing and the kids are out of school. So line up now and follow our step by step guide to the Melt Ice Creams experience!

Melt Ice Creams exterior

Step One: Park your car or bike in the lot that faces this bright yellow beacon of yumminess at 954 Rosedale. Just make sure it's Tuesday through Saturday because if you come on Sunday or Monday you will be out of luck as these are their two days of rest.

Price Menu

Step two: Take a look at this menu and decide how much ice cream you want and if you want it in a cone (we highly recommend these fresh house-made waffle cones) cup or pint.

Flavor Menu

Step three: Check out the flavors of the day and try to narrow it down to the one, two or six you will be indulging in for this trip. Ask for samples of all if you are unsure-it will only make your decision harder once you taste each flavor. Here is a primer on the current flavors: Velvet Vegan is dark chocolate and made with coconut milk instead of dairy-thus the "vegan". Chocolate Chocolate gets its rich flavor from DFW's own Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Cup of Texas boasts the true flavor of the best cup of coffee you could get using the beans from Fort Worth's Avoca Coffee. Berry Basil is infused with local Texas basil and the strawberry jam from Moore Jam based out of Fort Worth. Sweet Bees is a refreshing medley of Hill Country lavender and Texas Honeybee Guild Honey . If you are a classic vanilla fan then you will love Beans, a pure vanilla flavor deriving from Madagascar Vanilla beans.

Adorable owner Kari Seher

Step four: Once you have selected your flavors tell Kari, the brains and beauty behind Melt, and she will get you scooped up and paid out.

Vegan Chocolate and Berry Basil

Cute tables and chairs

Step five: Take your ice cream to-go or enjoy it at one of the cute tables inside the shop. We love the cheery pop of yellow alongside the upholstered church pew in black and white stripes.

Tattoos and T-Shirts

Step six: On your way out, check out the t-shirts and tattoos for sale. Or better yet, get a pint of this delicious artisan ice cream to enjoy later!

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