Traditional, Yet Contemporary Japanese and Sushi at Shinjuku Station

06.01.2015 by: Holiday Bean
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Dinner at Shinjuku Station is comprised of a traditional Japanese menu, filled with small plates perfect for sharing (if you’re feeling generous) as well as sushi.

Hand-Made Pork Gyoza

The fish is delivered three times a week from four different vendors all over the world. The buttery meat is tender, juicy, and melts in your mouth.  They are also stringent believers in the quality of their fish and want nothing to detract from the flavors. This means they do not have any avocado or cream cheese their sushi items (you can’t even find it inside the kitchen) and all of their ingredients come from the freshest of sources.

Sushi Pieces

As delicious as the sushi is (and my word, is it!) Shinjuku Station is not all about impeccably cut fish. Their small plates are served at a slower pace to encourage a pleasurable dining experience. Your meal is meant to be shared and above all, enjoyed. 


Tak Fries

Conversely, their lunch menu is entrée based, intended to get you in and get you out before your lunch hour is over.



The drink menu offers a menu collection of specialty drinks, beers, and wine. My favorite part about the wine list is their “surprise me” option. Instead of having a house wine, when you let them “surprise” you, the bartender will give you a glass from any of the bottles that are open. They also offer a fun list of signature cocktails.

Cucumber Collins

If you have sushi on the brain, be brave and try any number of their different combinations. Though they have some rolls, the real star here is the fresh fish. The sushi is served with White Shyou, the highest quality soy sauce in the world.

Surf and Turf Roll

Finally, a meal isn’t a meal without dessert. Sticking with a more traditionally Japanese feel, they offer made-in-house Mochi or Key Lime Pie. Pro Tip: Try the Key Lime Pie. It’s the head chef (and manager’s) special recipe from filling to crust.

Key Lime Pie

Contemporary, yet traditional, Shinjuku Station mixes old school techniques with creative flair to produce incredible sushi and Japanese style tapas.

Shinjuku Station Official Website

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