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Vegan and Proud of it at Spiral Diner

12.29.2015 by: Holiday Bean
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Centered in the ultra hip and alternative West Magnolia avenue is Spiral Diner - the place where sour cream reins supreme, only if you’re ok with it being made out of cashews. Same thing goes with the bacon. It isn’t real, but it isn’t an illusion either. Welcome to the land of vegan food: where chefs become increasingly progressive and creative with their ability to manipulate our taste buds into believing it ISN’T real bacon.

Hot Nacho Cheese and Chips

Bacon Ranch Cheese Burger

Spiral Diner has long been a popular spot among Fort Worth’s vegetarian and vegan diners. But their lengthy menu full of vegan versions of classic dishes truly offers something to please everyone. The restaurant is styled like a vintage diner, with booths and barstools that mimic eateries of the past.


The menu at Spiral Diner features a wide variety of dishes, all made with natural, vegan ingredients. You’ll find everything from ethically sourced, vegan beer and wine to burgers and ice cream, and glossaries listing common substitutes and ingredients are available for those unfamiliar with vegan dining. The staff are knowledgeable and accommodating, and most dishes are also labeled for customers with food allergies, making Spiral a great place to eat no matter your diet.

Vegan Organic Beer

Don’t forget to gorge on the outstanding (AND AWARD WINNING) vegan desserts. Take a stroll over to their bakery case where you can grab a cupcake or a slice of cake. Various “chocolate” bars are sold as well. Spiral Diner also offers custom cakes for all occasions.

Bakery Case

Candy Bars

The place is constantly hopping and tends to be a real family spot for locals during the day or a cute date night option in the evening. Want to impress your date even more? Sign up for one of their vegan cooking classes.  

Chocolate Mountain Mudslide

Spiral Diner gets busy on weekends, so expect a short wait if you’re going with a group. We recommend visiting around lunch time, or trying out their weekend brunch, where pancakes are the main attraction. Regardless of whether you’re vegan or not, this spot is a great choice for casual, healthy dining.
{Spiral Diner Official Site}

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