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Wine and Snack at Cowtown Winery

06.17.2015 by: Holiday Bean
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The Stockyards, known for its steer, cowboys, and smoked meats, has found a little taste of refined culture in Cowtown Winery. Small, but mighty, this lovely addition to the Stockyards has excellent deals, making it the perfect place to bide your time before having dinner at a local haunt (H3 anyone?).

Grab a Glass

What makes this a “local” treat is all of the wine comes directly from locally sourced vineyards. They also have a sister winery in Grapevine (there is a joke in there somewhere) named Grapevine Springs. Who knew the DFW area was such a hot spot for wine?

Incredible Selection

Lets talk deals. You can grab a three-glass flight for $6, or $5 glasses on the weekend. You won’t be disappointed as bartenders pour with a heavy hand. They also offer small plates with meats and cheeses to satisfy your food cravings.

Wine Flight

How to Wine Taste

If you’re looking to explore the stockyards with an adult beverage you can take your wine (transferred to a plastic cup) to-go and continue to wander.  Want something a little more country? Grab a handle of their “Winerita” in a boot. Nothing says “I’ve been to the Stockyards” more than a cowboy boot filled with booze. With a price tag of $14.99 filled, or six and some change for it empty, you can’t beat it. Best cold drink option you can find.

Wine in a Boot

While looking at the bottles, you may notice the creative artwork. All labels are designed in-house (the manager happens to also be a graphic designer). Cowtown Winery can also privately label their bottles. Meaning: if you have a special event and want your own label on the bottle, pick out the Cowtown Winery vintage of your choice and they will privately label your bottles.

Look at that Art!

With a beautiful bar, fun appetizers, drinks to go, and fantastic deals, Cowtown Winery is your one-stop-shop for fabulous, locally made wine.

{Cowtown Winery Official Site}

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